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Thursday, March 4, 2010

TBD Schultz

Yesterday was a LONG trip, especially for Connor! But he was such a trooper and it was so neat to meet his new cousin! (Name still TBD -- Wendel & Ashley think they have one in mind, but wouldn't tell me what it was yet. That's OK, they didn't tell her mom either! She was there, but I didn't get any pictures with here, dangit!) But, look at what a cutie he is!!! Since Wendel already posted a pic on his Facebook stream, I feel OK posting these. Although, the one of Wendel and Ashley leaving the hospital needs to be approved first.... So you'll have to check back later about that one.

Here's me with the little guy. He is SO small! I felt like I was holding a marshmallow! So precious!!! His fingers and toes are so long! I saw them when Wendel changed him out of his onesie. and he has the cutest little lips and the softest little skin! So, so cute! I'm sure W&A will have MUCH better pictures when they settle in and break out their camera. This one is just a teaser.

Ashley needed to change and get packed up, so Connor and I went and found the waiting room down the hall. Wendel and Ashley had been moved to "pediatrics" since the maternity unit was super-full of new moms-to-be, and they had rooms all set up as an "overflow". I get the feeling it happens alot.... It seemed like a busy hospital. So, the waiting room we found had a bunch of kids' stuff in it, including a wagon that Connor had a good time in. It was, indeed, his first wagon ride. I think his favorite part about it, though, was sucking on mom's purse straps (Must be the soft leather texture that he liked). NOTICE, that I did buy a new purse, after the Christmas traveling fiasco. (i.e. Connor was sick on all of the plane rides and threw up in my purse, among other places). And it was ZIPPED up as it sat next to him, for obvious reasons. Is it me, or does the wagon look HUGE with Connor in it? :)

As indicated above, the last picture will be posted at a future date, when the proofs can be reviewed. :)

(Adding these after the fact. Ashley and Wendel don't *love* them, but it's all we have....) They are such a beautiful family!


Becky and the Boys said...

Fun fun fun! I love this age! Tristan is usually pretty good in the car, although he hasn't been on long trips yet, and it helps to have some entertainers back there with him (namely Hunter and Kyler).

imbritney said...

It is a fun age! Connor is so smiley and happy all the time, it's great! I wish he would stay like that for the next 18 years!

He's done the long trip 4-5 times before and he's usually OK with it. This time, though, he had enough! and didn't want to take it anymore.... *sigh*.