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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Connor's first whimper

Connor had somehow found a long, skinny screwdriver to play with while on his belly. And, it was headed right for the mouth, pointy side in. When I took it out of his hands (rather hastily), he tucked his head in his arms and made a whimper noise. "What?!?" I laughed at him. he then moved on to the wooden hammer on the floor (which is his toy). I then realized why he was so sad -- it took him alot of work to get that out of dad's toolbag that was on the floor. Oh, well. Pretty cute! :)


Becky and the Boys said...

Our Tristan LOVES phones. Take a phone away from him and he throws himself at it and yells and whines. So cute!

imbritney said...

that is adorable! :) Connor likes the "real" phones, too. He especially likes hitting the hangup button when I'm talking on the phone!