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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Break with Ronna and JR

We had such a great time when Ronna and JR came with their family! I had the whole week lined up with things to do, and I think the kids really had fun (including Connor and Ryan! :). So here it is, broken down:

They arrived Sunday night, late, and I made some grilled cheese as a snack before everyone went to bed. it was yummy.

Hangin' around the house (not sure which day):

Luke and Connor sitting amongst the toys.

Brooke's getting a nice foot and leg massage from our uSqueeze.

Caitlynn is having a standoff with the cats (there's another one around the corner)

Monday: Children's Museum and Family Home Evening
Monday morning, Ron took Ronna, JR and the kids to the Children's museum. I wasn't sure if they'd like it since it's kind of small-ish. And I'd only ever been in the infant room with Connor, so I didn't really know what the rest of it was like. But, since I checked out a cultural pass from the library (i.e. free entrance for 2 adults and one kid), I figured they could try it out. Turns out they loved it! There's face paints that you can use yourself (they got all painted up) and there's a dig pit full of little rubber chunks (no doubt recycled from the Nike plant just down the road), there's a water area, and a bunch of other stuff. Success! Unfortunately, Ron didn't get any pictures from this trip, so I'll have to see if I can borrow some of Ronna's & JR's.

This alligator is used when they have a dentist come in for a demonstration. The dentist puts spaghettie and other stuff in the alligator's teeth so the kids can see how gross it is. Then they take turns brushing it out.

We hit Costco, but this time we made sure our trunks were empty and we didn't buy too much! Here's Connor and Caitlynn sharing a cart with their stuffed friends.

That night we had Family Home Evening with JR, Ronna, Aaron, Megan, Julie, Jared and all the kids (8 total). We were actually waiting for Mike and Becky to come with their kids (Becky was going to give the lesson!). I finally called them to see where they were, and it turns out Becky had *just* given birth! She wasn't due for another week or so, so it was definitely unexpected! I congratulated her and we used Julie's cool game as a lesson instead. She made a board game out of the Plan of Salvation. So cute!! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from this one either, but trust me, it was fun!

Tuesday: Zoo and Pizza!
We have a FABULOUS zoo here in Portland. The kids always love to come ride the train and see the animals. The habitats are built to be very representative of how the animal would live in nature. And we're getting new exhibits all the time. And, since the first Tuesday of the month is only $2 per person for admission, it was totally cheap!

In the parking lot. This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of Ron!

Caitlynn was tuckered out already! Her and Ryan rode in Ronna's double stroller. (I'm so GLAD she brought that! I don't know how we weould have managed with out it!) Luke and Brooke are ready to go!

Here's everyone rounding the corner to the sea lion exhibit. Those things are HUGE!

We stopped and ate lunch first, since we got there ~11am. Ronna packed an awesome lunch with cold cut sandwiches, gogurts, celery, carrots, bell peppers, crackers, and cutie oranges. I brought some drinks, too. Connor really likes celery. Let's hope that continues.

Ron and Connor by a huge (fake) fish

The lion exhibit is one of the newest at the zoo. There is one male lion and two females. We got a picture of all the kids by the big guy. (well, Ryan couldn't make it in the picture.... hopefully next time!)

Then I saw this really cool lookin' cat with long ears in the safari exhibit. It's called a caracal and jumps 10 feet in the air to catch birds to eat. Ron and JR are giving a demonstration below about how high that really is... I think this is another new exhibit -- but I thought the cat was really cool-looking....

They were competing to see who could jump the highest -- I think I see some definite cheating.... (Hey! No pushing!) Also, the pink blur in front is Brooke. Kids have a hard time staying still... :)

Inside the safari exhibit was this little bubble where you could go be part of the exhibit. I think this was a miniature mongoose or something. But it ran right past Luke.

Connor was soaking it all in, telepathically! :) He actually did like some of the exhibits, and definitely liked hanging out with his cousins.

Ryan and Megan looking at the Zebras.

Ronna and Caitlynn doing the same...

And, Brook, Luke and JR, with the Zebras.

We rode the train. Of course, you can't miss the train.
Ryan and Megan

Connor and Luke. They had a very fun dynamic going all week. Luke would make funny faces and Connor would just crack up laughing the whole time. Sometimes Luke wouldn't have to even make a face. Connor loved it! Here they are playing the forehead game. Connor likes to lean in and touch foreheads with you and then just smile and laugh because you then look funny. :) He's banged a few heads at baby school trying to do that, but it's so cute...

Me and Connor

That evening we went to Out of this world Pizza, which is AWESOME for kids! I got a library pass so all the kids got in free (adults are free by default). Here's a view of one side of the play area. It doesn't show the rock climbing wall off to the left, but you can see the huge space ship that kids love to climb up and slide down. (Supposed to be for kids 5 and over, but sometimes younger ones go too, depending on how busy they are). Then you can see the older kids' bounce house/slide. The younger kids' bounce house is in the other corner....

As if there weren't enough fun things to do, one of the workers is also a magician and he came over and showed Luke and Brooke a few tricks.

One ball in his hand, abra-cadabra!

Somehow the magician stuffed all of these in there, without Luke knowing!

And, he pulled a hanky from Brooke's sleeve! He was pretty good....

There's an infant area over by the Mother's room, where Connor likes to play.

Here's Ryan on the younger bounce house...

Luke getting ready to come down...

Brooke at the bottom....

They also had this little race track area where kids could ride the scooters around.

Wait! did I say kids? I meant EVERYONE! Ronna asked, and they said yes, so.... :)

And, Tuesday night is laser light night. (I didn't quite know what that was, but now I do. They turn the lights down and shoot this laser light around and let the kids dance to music with the laser. Kind of silly, now that I know, but the kids loved it. You can see their spectacular dance moves here.

I don't know how Ron did this, but I like the cool effects of the "ghosting". :) sweet!

But, I think this one is just blurry...

Connor and I left early to go to Urgent care. He had some sores on his tummy that were getting worse, so I took him in. It turns out he had a staff infection. The doctor said I didn't have to worry about washing and sanitizing everything because it was a "regular" strain that can be found everywhere.... But he LOVES this mirror in the exam room. And he likes the nurses, too! This is the nurse that usually gives him his follow-up shots after his regular appts (we don't do them all at once, we do a couple, then come back a month later to do a couple of others). Anyway, Ron usually brings him for the follow-up (I take him for the main well-check appt). So, as soon as we came in, the nurse said, I know who this one is, he looks just like his daddy! :) He really does. Although, it's funny that he doesn't look like his dad's baby pictures, just like his dad does now.... I'll have to find a baby picture of Ron to post and show you.

Wednesday: Downtown Portland

Wednesday we decided to go check out a few places downtown. I had to drop off my stuff for the PIOP consignment stuff anyway, and I had a Dr appt at OHSU, so it worked out well. (I took the day off work).

So we started by going to Voodoo Donuts, where they have every imaginable flavor of donut, including a bacon maple bar (which JR got and ate). (Voodoo Donuts below)

I got the lemon Chiffon

Caitlynn got the M&M one (I think)

Brooke got the Voodoo doll which was a yeast donut in the shape of a little person with raspberry jelly in the middle, so when you bit into it, it looked like guts coming out... Ronna got this HUGE apple fritter/bear claw lookin' thing.

Luke got the Oreo one which he ate faster than I could take a picture.

JR finishing up his bacon/maple bar.

Their seating wasn't your conventional table and chairs. They had everything you could imagine to sit on (including a coffin-like thing). Caitlynn got the rocking chair. So cute!!

Ronna liked the donuts so much that she bought a dozen to take home with her. I'm not sure where they all went.... I didn't have any, though. I was all sugared out!!!

After Donuts, we went to eat lunch at Fire on the Mountain, a local wings joint. I got the mild buffalo chicken salad -- very tasty! After lunch we went to OHSU where JR & Ronna rode the Tram while I went to my doctor's appt. I rode up with them, but had to ride back down before they were done looking at the view.

I tried to snap a shot of them on the balcony, but my camera wasn't cooperating. if you zoom in and look really closely on the lower level, you can see the tops of their heads.

A view of Portland. It really is a fun little ride....

And here I am at my doctor's appt, trying to entertain Connor by taking pictures of him in the mirror while I wait....

After my doctor's appt, we all met back up at Powell's City of Books. According to Wikipedia, it's supposed to be the largest independent bookstore in the world... it is quite large. Ronna let the kids pick out a book each for the ride home, and JR got some good work time in. It's not vacation unless you're actually working!

Thursday, a lazy day, then Dinner and Cake

I had to go back to work on Thursday, so Ronna & Family slept in late, and went to go find something to do. You'll have to get the details from her, but I think they tried to go see the submarine at OMSI, but it closed before they could get there, so they tooled around the gardens and played at the big park.

Ronna made a delicious indian chicken curry dinner with rice and we invited Aaron and Megan over for dinner, since it was their last night in town. I decided we needed a treat, so I made a strawberry cake (Megan cut some fresh strawberries to put on the bottom of the cake -- Yum). I put a lemon cream cheese frosting on the top, and we put extra strawberries on top for good measure. It was not bad!

The cake

How come we STILL have all the women in the kitchen and all the men lounging in the living room? I thought we were past all that.....

Aaron and Ryan playing hide and seek in Aaron's shirt

Ron and JR just chillin' (Connor and Caitlynn are already in bed)

After cake, we were all in a sugar coma!

They left Friday morning. I think they actually made it to the submarine on their way out (but I'll have to double-check). Ronna was so sweet! she actually cleaned the house before she left! and left me a little gift on the table -- some new oven mitts and some kitchenware. :) What a sweety!!! I hope they had as much fun as we did! We'll have to do that again some time.... (And now that you've read this WHOLE post, you're probably dizzy! If you come, too, we'll have even MORE fun! :).