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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Why is it that when connor is happy and playing he says "da-da-dad" with a happy gleeful voice. But when he is sick or tired or poopy he says "mub-mub-mub" with sobs and whines? I guess I should be excited that he's finally saying "mub" at all. Anyway, it's nice to know he'll come to me with his problems. :)

By the way, it seems like Connor is sick ALOT. It's always something... a few weeks ago it was a rash on his neck/chin that the dr couldn't diagnose. We did everything from keeping it dry (teething drool) to lotrimin (yeast) to cortizone cream (excema) to antibiotics (bacterial infection)... it FINALLY went away after a couple of MONTHS and 10 days of a STRONG antibiotic. It's starting to come back a little, but we're keeping lots of cream on it. Then, he promptly got a cold and had a few rough nights and now he has a fever and refuses to eat anything. We're going on day 5 where all he eats are bottles. no worries, I'm making sure he has the minimum requirement for nutrition, but this is a kid that was eating regular table food -- sometimes more than me! Now he refuses. I'm so worried. But, I don't want to go to the dr. again because they're usually pretty useless. They don't know any more than I do what is going on... :( my poor guy. So far, the fever hasn't gone above 101.2... I'm monitoring closely. I hope he gets better soon.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

crazy hair

I took Connor to baby school today and when we got their I realized he had crazy hair! Since when do I have to start brushing his hair? ah, well, it had to happen sooner or later.

(Edited to add a picture: Taken the next day, June 18. Kinda crazy hair, but not as bad as before...)

By the way, we went to the doctor's (again) about his neck rash and it turned out to be another staff infection (we think)! He's back on antibiotics and his poor bumb is all red and hurting. But, on a brighter side, at 10 months he gained back all the weight he lost being sick at 9 months, and then some! He was 23 lbs +. :) He's not a baby anymore.... :(

The following is a crazy hair picture after his bath. Not quite the same thing, but still cute! (taken June 19)

So big!!! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bowling and Pizza :)

Mamie and the girls came by to hang out for a couple of days after the reunion was over. We went bowling with everyone (including connor and Ryan!). I forgot my camera, but Mamie got some shots. HOpefully she'll send me some to post.

Also, we went to Out of this World Pizza with Isabel and Sophia. It's a really fun pizza place with HUGE play equipment. I think they had fun.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Schultz Family Reunion -- Part 3

June 8:

When we got to Friday Harbor, we found a bunch of fun shops to visit.

Ron and Connor hanging out on the bench.

Nothing but the clearance racks would do!

Mom and the girls went to find more shopping, so Ron and I went to find Connor some lunch and then we found a fun park. Connor was walking all up and down the rock wall. So cute!

OK, I admit -- connor didn't really climb that seal by himself. But it's a cute picture! (If you look close you can Ron sticking out of the corner)

Sophia wanted to give Connor his bottle when we got back on the boat. Such fun!

June 9:
Wendel and Ashley came to visit. Me and Oli below.

And Ashley...

and Wendel...

and grandma....

We tried to go swimming again, but the pool was closed.

Connor and Bethaney

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Schultz Family Reunion -- Part 2

This day was so big that it gets a page by itself... :) Mamie found an AWESOME deal on a whale watching excursion that started in Seattle. So we all got to go. The kids LOVED the boat ride and we got to see a lot of fun sea life.

Here's mom and Bethaney on the boat.

Me and Connor. The hat was almost too small, but it was so cute I put it on him anyway. :)

Mamie and the girls have NO warm clothes, being from Arizona and everything. They don't even own pants! So mamie bought the girls a sweatshirt. so cute! :)

Sophia and Abigail on the boat.

Avery loves her grandma!!

Ron, Connor, Abigail, Meagan and Avery.


Taking pictures on the top deck.



Seal Rock.

Deception Pass

Somehow I ended up with 20 pictures of the railing. This is one of my favorite. :)

Connor had a hard time going down for a nap, but I sang to him under the blanket and he fell asleep. I love when he cuddles me (which is usually only when he sleeps).

And, some pics of the two orcas we saw:

A really cool big barge

Seattle skyline

Avery and Isabel playing with silly putty

Bethaney just chillin'

It was a fun day. :)