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Thursday, January 6, 2011

some menu ideas

I am now providing lunches for Connor since we switched Daycare providers. It's good and bad -- good that I get to control more of what he eats and give him healthier meals, bad that it's alot more hassle to get him out the door in the morning. I've been looking for recipes that I can cook in the crockpot overnight to make it easy to grab and go in the morning, so I'm going to record the ones I find here for easy access later. I don't think I intend to publish this, (oops, I just did) but just in case, I've given a little intro. :)

Better yet, these recipes make alot, so I should freeze the leftovers and have them as backups later...

Foods ideas: Did it work?

Fajitas: Have to cook in the morning, but he liked it!

Split pea soup: great for CP, doesn't appear to be his favorite

hamburger/pasta: great for CP, loves this one! found the recipe:

Chili: great for CP (on high overnight). he its it pretty well.

Cream of potato/ham: good soup, not good for crock pot and not good for freezing... but he likes it.,1648,133168-246196,00.html

chicken/rice (Costco frozen entree): fast to prepare, connor likes it OK.

Pork Chops: (layer in crock pot, chops, stove top stuffing, apple pie filling). try it!

Chicken/Dumplings: Connor loves pot pies, so I thought I'd try this as an alternative. He likes it, but not as much as the pot pie... (1 can cream of chicken soup, 2 cans chicken broth, equivalent of 2 cans of veggies, chicken chunks -- can be leftovers from another meal, 1 can biscuits, cut into 1/4's. simmer until biscuits are cooked).,1612,158181-245202,00.html

Pork Chops 2, with potatoes and carrots: Good for CP, not sure if it freezes. Connor likes it OK.,1612,159180-244202,00.html

spaghetti: cook the night before? or CP?

Chicken cacciatori: need a recipe

Beef Barley soup: worked well in crock pot (barley was a little mushy). Connor ate pretty well. Will try to freeze (recipe:

frozen shredded beef chimichanga with peas on the side: he ate it all! perfect fast/easy meal.

Marie Calendar's Pot Pie: he ate it all! perfect fast/easy meal.

white bean and ham: need a recipe

Scalloped potatoes with ham: