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Sunday, October 25, 2009

We love the fall!

Meagan gave me this really cute halloween shirt in one of her care packages... the little ghosts glow in the dark. I had this way cute kitty hat that also glows in the dark (eyes and whiskers). His little hall-o-ween socks were dirty, so we had to settle for baseball. Either way, he is ready to go out on the town! (Oct 10 -- 2 months old).

More Construction...

"This is my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl..."

One piece of advice: If you decide to build your own home, try not to live 3 hours away from it... We've started to hire more things out because everything goes so slow with a one-man crew.... Aaron comes up to help once in a while, but mostly it's just Ron. Last week we decided to make a trip up so Ron & Aaron could get the rock up while the siders we hired did the rest. (Things always take longer than expected, so really, they just got the lath up and Ron & I had to go back to do a scratch coat. Next time around, we'll put up the rock).

We invited Megan and Ryan to come up with Aaron, thinking we could have some fun... Ryan and Connor rode in the back seat and became good friends. Later, I found the crackers stuffed up Connors shirt and in his diaper bag. hm...

As it went, it rained all weekend, and Ron had us running errands (had to go to Tacoma to get some "J-flashing" for the soffits -- closest place that had it in stock... totally dumb!). Sorry about that, Megan!! We'll have to try again. But, we did manage to get some dirt time in. For some reason, all kids love the dirt. Why is that?

Can you say "Morton's"? :)

We passed Connor around, but mostly I had him. This is on one of Ron's breaks. He had to get some Connor time in.

The (almost) final product. The siders had one more side to finish, and we still have to stick the rock up. We should have just hired that out, too.... So, now the question is, how close does this look to the mock-up (from the perma-grin post) I made a while back? :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

A little preview

Is it bad luck to see a Hall-0-Ween costume before Hall-O-Ween? I hope not because I couldn't resist... :) So, we did already get a couple of costumes from different people (a bat and a pumpkin), but I saw this at the Pass It On sale (only $10), and had to get it.... This is Connor's costume this year:

How awesome is that? I love it!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

More Smiles!

I know that when I go back to work, I won't have as much time to post pics and stuff, so I'm making up for it now. Most of these are smiles from Connor, but some are to make you smile. :)

OH, yeah, and someday I'll post pics of me and Ron up here... :P

Oct 1: Fun with dad after work, part 1.

Oct 3: Fun with dad after work, part 2. If you scroll through them really fast, "flip-book" style, you can kind of see him wiggle. (You may have to download pics first, then use ACDSee or something similar to get the effect). :)

And now it's time for bed.... (*yawn*)

Oct 5: Ok, this one is Ron smiling-- while he sleeps. It's so cute that I almost ALWAYS walk in to find them both sleeping in the same position... seriously, I can't make this stuff up!

Oct 6: He was smiling at me all morning, so I grabbed the camera. He is such a sweetie-pie!! he even got a couple of almost-laughs in there... :) Here's the whole series. (Well, most of it)

I know this isn't him smiling, but still so cute, I couldn't resist! :) He's looking at me like he's saying "Mom, put the camera down!"

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meagan's Visit!

Meagan came to meet Connor with her two girls. Wow, they have grown up so much! The cutest part about their trip (Besides the "Got Candy?" shirt montage below), was when they sang primary songs to Connor -- he lit up like a pumpkin! It was so cute, he was smiling and almost laughing while they were singing. So cute!!!

The first day we went to the park that is two blocks down from our house. It's a small park, but hey! it's new to them. :) And Connor just likes to go on walks.

Friday, we went to the zoo. It was kind of rainy, so I didn't take my camera with me. :( bummer. Maybe meagan can forward some pics from her iphone? :) (iphone's are cool. someday I'll join the technilogical revolution, too).

Saturday we went to the "special park". Ron and I call it that because it's so HUGE! anyone with kids can understand its allure. Anna and Miguel used to LOVE this park. It was always a motivator. :)

Abby and Avery loved it, too.

Out of ~20 pics of the swings, I got two that were in focus. (Even with a fast camera, it's hard to get those swings when the girls are swinging so fast!). Luckily, they were swinging in-sync. sweet! :)

This was Avery's first day down the pole by herself. She was so proud that she had to show me! multiple times... but I got some cute shots. of her and Abby, too!

This double-slide was dubbed "best friends' slide" by Abby for obvious reasons.

And, Connor just likes to be outside. So alert! (OK, yes, I had a cuter hat than that, but I forgot it at home... luckily I had this one in the diaper bag).

Sunday we watched Conference, and Wendel and Ashley came down to see Meag and the girls and brought some YUMMY bbq. We learned the distinction between bbq and grilling. apparently, it's a matter of time. (grilling = quick and easy, bbq = long and difficult).

Abby and Avery did surprisingly well for a 3 year old and 6 year old. by the fourth session, Avery zonked out on Meagan's lap (with a little help from the back-scratching).

Meagan had bought these cute "Got Candy?" shirts for the girls. We found a T-shirt for Connor and had to get pics of everyone. Avery was a bit tired, so she was only in the last few shots. She did smile for us, though! so cute!

Thanks, Meag for coming out!! It was really great to see you and the girls. (And thanks for keeping my kitchen clean, too! unecessary, but much appreciated! :)).