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Friday, March 19, 2010

Around the house

There's terrible back lighting in this picture, but I love it anyway! I find that not only do they share the same expressions (since day 1 in the hospital), but they also are often found in clothes of the same color scheme -- must be subliminal. :) What a handsome pair! (Feb 28)

After snapping the photo above, I turned around to find Adrianne wearing Connor's shoes... those are some big ones to fill, girly!

One morning I had gotten up early to get Connor's bottles ready for baby school (I had early morning meetings). Ron grabbed him when he woke up and fed/changed him. He headed off to work and asked me where I wanted him.
Me: "Put him in the hall with his rockin' rollin' ball. That should keep him busy".
Ron: "I'll put him here in the kitchen with you."
Me: "So he can get into the cat food like every other toddler?"
Ron: "He'll be fine, I put him in the middle of the kitchen."
Me: "OK...."
I went down the hall for literally 5 seconds to get his diapers for the day, and what did I hear? "SSSSCCCRRRAAAAPPPEEE!!!"
I run back in to find quite the scene. He had saved mobilization time by moving the tray to him. (he's been doing alot of that lately). Luckily he hadn't gotten too far (Like throwing it in the water -- which is next). And instead of picking him up and saying "no-no", I grab the camera! What kind of message am I sending? :) Yes, you can still see the rockin' rollin' ball in the background. Not nearly as fun as cat food! (Mar 05)

I get most of Connor's toys from consignment sales or yard sales. I love that I can recycle things and not have them all sent to landfills! Plus, it's nice to pay less for things, and consequently get more!

The latest sale, I found this really cool rocking orca. He loves it already! Look at the balance on him! (March 12-13)

This is a fun little car that we were playing with and he actually stayed on! He's not propelling it forward yet, but he did like leaning over and flicking the little toys. All without falling off! (Mar 14)


Lindabee said...

we need to see him with his new train!

imbritney said...

OK, I'll set it all up and snap a picture... some day. hopefully soon. :)