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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here, Kitty-Kitty!

The cats were ready for their new friend (if you look closely you can see the clear Soft-Paws that Adrianne is sporting -- Kitty is de-clawed so I didn't want him to have a terrible disadvantage). And, surprisingly the cats are taking the new addition rather well.

We've found that Kitty's favorite game, though, is "find that cat!" and he is very good at it. He has been very quiet, so it makes it difficult!! like, yesterday, he won. I never found him once. Today, I found him twice! I won. :) Here's how a typical game goes (notice that Anna and Adrianne get in on the fun, too, though I'm not sure who's side they're on. They usually follow me around as I'm looking. :)

I hear some rustling downstairs, so I go take a look. -- False alarm! It's Adrianne.

So, I look under everything, starting with the stairs, desk, chair, then end table. Nothing.

I look under the bed -- False Alarm! It's Anna's favorite spider.

Under the chest of drawers -- false alarm! It's Anna!

I look in all the closets and cupboards including the pantry, baby's room, murphy bed, closet -- nothing!!

I hear a noise behind the computer -- false alarm! It's Adrianne!

I check all the comfy-cozy spots, like by the window, in the downstairs cat house, in the cozy cat carrier, in the upstairs cat house, in the cat bed by the dresser -- nothing!

I see a lump on the bed -- false alarm! It's Anna!

I see another streak outside the door and follow it downstairs where I began, and BINGO! I find Kitty under the stairs! (look close -- he's there!)

Then, as I'm typing this story, I see him come out, so I check it out, and he actually sticks around for me instead of running away! progress!! I extend my hand and actually pet him! more progress!! He was very nervous, so shy'ed away from the camera -- I didn't get any shots with his eyes open, but I will someday.

Then he starts growling at me and hissing, so I get my cat who is calmly watching the whole scenario, and we go snuggle by the computer. Kitty disappears, and we'll start all over tomorrow. :)

Someday we'll all be great friends! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Quite the little ladies' man!

So we went to Ashley's baby shower today and Connor met a new friend!! They were playing together, then next thing you know, they were sucking each others' lip!! I never knew Connor's first kiss would come so young!! Emma was a sweety -- only 12 days older than Connor. Maybe I should have stopped it, but it was so cute! Ashley's friend took the pictures for us. (I probably should have. :P oh, well).

Am I in trouble??

A few other cute pics:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It really is a love-hate relationship....

At least the cats aren't mean about it. They just gripe and then run away at the first possible moment. :) Someday they'll be great friends!

some cell phone pics

Yes, I have a really crappy cell phone with an even worse camera. But sometimes I was in a moment and didn't have anything else to take a picture with. Hopefully these are big enough to enjoy....

At the hospital, August 9, 2009:

In Brinnon at the Timber House restaurant (excellent clam chowder, by the way). Oct 20, 2009

A random moment in the car. Do you like how his paci is almost bigger than his head? He's grown so much!! Oct 20, 2009

Eating is hard work.... Nov 7, 2009

This was the first time he grabbed a toy and passed it from hand to hand. I think I got this on video also. Nov 7, 2009

at the airport when we were in Boise waiting for our ride during the Christmas trip. Actually, Ron had a back pack on to "even out" the load. It was too funny! Dec 26, 2009

The first time he tried avocados. Jan 9, 2009

I'm told this face doesn't *necessarily* mean that he hates them... it's just a strong taste! :)

another random car shot. Jan 20, 2009

I took him to the Children's Museum on a library pass and they had this fun water bed (meant for infants, I'm sure). Anyway, he LOVED it! When we had to leave, he actually whined about leaving becaue he wanted to stay! There wasn't much else for infants, so I'll have to get another library pass sometime. Ironically, I had brought the camera with me, and even remembered an extra battery. Unfortunately, the memory card somehow got left in the computer. :P Feb 6, 2009

Well, he finally outgrew the infant seat. Here he is in his big-boy seat -- this should last until he's out of car seats. *sigh* I'll have to get some better pictures of this one. Feb 15, 2009

Since we can't take the infant seat into the store with us any more, we had to come up with a new solution. I guess he is big enough to sit in the shopping cart like a big-boy now! He's only 6 months! he shouldn't be so big yet! At least he has his puppy to cuddle. Feb 15, 2009

Saturday, February 13, 2010

State of affairs

Connor reached his 6 month mark on Tuesday (can you believe it?). He is hitting so many milestones, it's fun to watch! Since he is in "baby school" 2-3 times per week, it's easy to compare him to all the other kids. He's faster in some areas, and of course slower in others. (If you can believe it, a new baby joined a month ago, six months at the time, and could already crawl!) The truth is, though, every baby is so different you can't really compare.

On Thursday they had picture day. What great timing! Two days after he turned 6 months! So, I'm just going to use those pictures, let's cross our fingers and hope they turn out. I dressed him in a cute little Gymboree outfit that my sister, Meagan gave him. It's 6-12 mos, but was still a little big. I've figured out that the wider the age range for the outfit, the bigger it is... It should still be cute though, how could it not?

(Edited: Here are the pictures, they turned out great!! :)

On that note, I don't have any pictures of most of the stats below, so I'll have to work on getting those and adding them later.

His other stats:

Next Thursday is his Dr. appt, so I'll post Height and weight when I get them. Last time we weighed him he was almost 19 lbs (about 2 weeks ago), so we'll see if he's hit 20 yet. At least he's not sick anymore, after being sick ALL WINTER. We had a little scare with gunk in his eyes last week since pink-eye is going around daycare, but he pulled out of it! yes!

Edited: Height = 27.5", Weight = 18 lbs 10 oz, Pictures from the doctor's office below, taken Feb 18.

They have me strip him down so he can get weighed, measured, and have his lungs/heart listened to. And they have this HUGE mirror by the exam table that kept Connor occupied for quite a while. He also LOVES the paper that lines the table because it makes a fun crinkly noise and is easy to tear... It's usually demolished by the time we leave.
(taken Feb 11)

Eating: He's been on solids since Christmas, starting with the basic veggie staples. We're starting fruits and combinations of flavors now, like Blueberry Pear Oatmeal. I've tried to make some veggies on my own. I did pretty good with carrots, but he doesn't like my peas (He'll eat store-bought peas, though). Maybe I'm supposed to strain them? Are the skins bitter? I also tried cauliflower, a weird choice, I know, but there seem to be so few veggies out there for babies. The cauliflower was a bit bitter, so we'll hold off on that for now. My (acorn) squash had a strong flavor which made him gag, but he'll eat it mixed with rice cereal just fine. He loves sweet potatoes, so that's next on my list of things to try and make. We haven't tried meats yet, but his doctor said we could start them at 4 months. Maybe I'll try meats this week. He just figured out his spoon (See "Eating With Connor..") and loves to help mom feed himself.

Sleeping: Connor has been "sleeping through the night" since he was 10 weeks old. (Technically, 5 hours is "through the night". He has increased that over time and now sleeps ~10-12 hours per night). He naps 2-3 times per day, depending on who's watching him. It's funny, though, because the best way for him to nap is to let him "play" himself to sleep. Literally, he goes and goes and goes and goes until he collapses and sleeps for an hour or two. (Ron says it's only 1/2 hour, but I think that's because he's sleeping next to him. It's too tempting to wake up if your daddy is right there!) so sweet!

(taken Feb 17)

Sitting: He's been practicing his sitting since he was 4 months in his Bumbo Seat. I probably could have put him in there sooner, since he had been holding his head for quite a while prior. At baby school, Ms Tonya props him up with boppy pillows (they can't use Bumbos because of some certification or something). Two weeks ago, I was changing him into his pj's on the changing table, and I sat him up , supported by my hand on his back to change his top. When I took my hand away to let him fall back, he stayed! and then he fell. He's been "staying" longer and longer, now he can sit for a few minutes at a time. YAY! He's been playing with toys as he sits, too, so great progress, Connor!

Car Seat: Connor has already grown out of his infant carrier. We could probably "push" it a little longer, but it really is too small. So, now he sits in his big-boy seat. :) (taken Feb 17)

Crawling: Connor has been enjoying tummy time lately. He didn't like it at first, but now he realizes that's the only way to motate right now. So every time I put him down on his back, he flips right over to his tummy. So I just start him on his tummy now. He's been pushing up onto his hands and knees/feet and trying to move forward, but mostly it's tummy crawling and barrel-rolling right now. soon, very soon he will be crawling.

(Feb 14, 2010)

Standing: No, he's not standing yet, not even supported by a table (though I'm trying to teach him that already:). But, since he was 6 weeks old, if you tried to hold him in your lap, he would not sit! He would straighten his legs and hold them there so he could stand and see what was going on. He has always wanted to see everything since he was new born! I could not just burp him and have him lay there, no, he would lift (or try) his head to see who was burping him and what they looked like. Since day 1 he was like that... and it continues today -- he can't sit still. I might be in trouble.

The picture below was taken at Ashley's baby shower. You'll notice that Ashley's friend is "holding" Connor, but really what he's doing is jumping in her lap, which makes him all blurry. :) She didn't hold him for very long. (Ashley is also holding up the card we gave her)

Jumping: I know this is not a typical milestone for babies, but Connor has LOVED LOVED LOVED his jumperoo since he was ~3 months old. He is a pro and will jump even when you hold him in your lap. Now, if we could just get him to walk!

(Feb 17, 2010)

Play Time: Let's face it, everything is playtime to a baby, but I'm talking toys here... We've been introducing cause-and-effect toys and he has been figuring them out! And, of course, putting everything in his mouth. We have 3 (count them, 3!) talking/singing/learning animals. One (Leap) Frog, One (Scout) Puppy, and one (Laugh and Learn) puppy (ours is the one with a light-up heart, not the dog bone collar). He's mostly been playing with the last one, just 'cause I haven't been able to "program" Scout yet... He's figured out all the toys on his exersaucer and on his jumperoo. (i.e. push a button and it lights up and makes noise, etc). I have a little Leapfrog learning book that he hasn't figured out yet. But then, he doesn't know the alphabet yet. He does like to push the buttons, but they all sound so similar he gets bored quick. There's a few other toys, but all the same idea.

Work Time: Not really... But Ron would love it if Connor could pick up a hammer and saw. He really would take Connor to Washington every week with him then!!! :P