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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Way back....

My sister Mamie and I were chatting and reminiscing about Thanksgiving 2004, so I thought I'd share some pictures.... We had all gotten together in Phoenix so Wayne and Lily could bless their new baby, Kira. And, we had all decided we were done being mom's "computer support", so we all pitched in and got her a computer for Christmas. So, here we are all gathered together to watch mom open her gift...

Look how tiny Abigail is! (I think she's 18 months here? )

We went to pick up Isabel from school. Here you can see Fishy Snug still in tact.... those were long ago days before the batting started falling out.... That is one loved blanket!

Ron wasn't taking any chances....

Isabel was doing homework, and Sophia didn't want to be left out. (Look how small they are!!!)

Thanksgiving dinner (I think). G&G Schultz and Grandma Burnham all came over, so we got some good shots. :)

I think this was our Christmas picture that year....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Catching up on Christmas -- The family picture

Same picture, touched up...

I will definitely update this post with WAY more pictures from the family photo shoots, but I spent some time pasting together a good one of the grandkids.... What do you think? (Honest opinion, because I can still update it). I pasted 4 different pictures together -- can you tell where it's pasted?

Catching up on Christmas -- Sledding!

Here we go!

Jenni's here!

All set!

Hello? Are you in there?

Ready to go? Or ready to sleep?

Let's get going!

All lined up!

Who needs a sled?


It's all in the gravity!

So fun!

Daddy daughter time.

Someone has to hold Connor while the parents play....

So funny!

OK, how fast can we go?

Uh, Yeah! We're going down!

A sled, or a bullet?

So sweet!

What goes down, must come up!


Handsome 2!

Which end is up?

Let's hear it for the girls!

A little push!


The boys!

More boys!

Like a picture-perfect post card!

All done!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Connor's Tongue

Don't worry, I'm still working on the Christmas stuff, but wanted to share this funny-ness. Connor now sticks his tongue out all the time, and it's SO cute! In his jumperoo today, I must've snapped 20 pics, all looking similar to this:

Here are a few other tongue shots from recent past: