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Friday, March 12, 2010

Roxanne's Birthday

I have to admit, I can't take credit for any of the party planning, but I did get off work early to show up. :) My good friend Roxanne Workman turned 50 this year (am I allowed to say?). Her roommate threw her a huge surprise party at the church. It was nice to share the day with her, Happy Birthday Roxanne!

It was a surprise party, so her roommate, Marci, blindfolded her, drove her around for a while, then, brought her into the multi-purpose room to pull off the blindfold. Her face reminds me of Connor's when I go in to get him from his crib in the morning... So happy! :)

this is what she saw when the blindfold was pulled off!

And, here is Dave, Marci's boyfriend. (also works with Ron -- he must have taken the day off).

I had Connor in a far corner with a blanket and some toys, out of harm's way. But for some reason, everyone thought they needed to "save him" even though he wasn't making any noise... He's very good at entertaining himself.

Connor with Deidre Opager (from the ward)

I'm not sure who this woman is, but she looked grandmother-ly, so I didn't mind. I'm sure she's from Roxanne's new ward (Oak Hills).

And, Connor with Roxanne. :)

Time for presents. Doesn't she look young for 50? Maybe it's just the look on her face... :)

Some fun shoot-em-up toys from Kim Oliver. That'll keep you young!

She was crowned princess for a day and given a whole bunch of funny over-the-hill presents from John Wright. (The crazy cane actually comes in useful later...)

Here she is in front of the present table.

Somehow her balloon escaped to the ceiling of the MPR. There must be a balloon monster up there because ALL balloons go there eventually! I tried to save it, but alas I wasn't quite tall enough.

This industrious man (sorry, don't know the name) went and found a ladder in the custodial closet and used the crazy cane to rescue the balloon. *shwew*

Birthday girl is happy again. :)

Some random people:

We love you Roxanne!

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