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Friday, November 6, 2009

Yay for Connor!

Connor was holding his own bottle for dinner today!!! Yay! Granted it was only for ~30 seconds and it was probably an accident, but it was the first time he didn't push it away accidentally. He's getting so big!

I went and had lunch with him today at DC. When I first got there, he had *just* fallen asleep, so like a good mom I immediately woke him up. We read "Sheep in a Jeep" (which is hysterical, by the way. Check it out!), and then we played for half an hour. Then I fed him half a bottle before he fell into a milk-induced coma. Nothing like the power lunch -- squeezing a day's worth of mothering into just one hour!

And now, tonight, we're just hanging out downstairs in the office. He's eating his bottle and I'm holding it with my chin, finger-pecking the keyboard with one hand to type this up. (well, except for the 30 seconds where he held his own bottle!! :) I'm also downloading Mamie's higher-resolution pictures for her blog book (My Christmas present for her & Geoff -- turning her blog into a hard-bound book). I'm also doing one for Ronna & JR, but luckily the photos on Ronna's blog are already high resolution. Blurb has a really good software and they are inexpensive and good quality, so that's who I use. You can all order a copy of the book if you want to -- not a money-maker, but a good family history thing to have. :)

I don't have any new pictures of Connor. I know -- slacker! But I will soon. I'm going to enter a photo contest because that's the only way I can have a chance at Krissy's photography skills. OK, so Ron's boss at work does photography on the side, and she's really good!! She even offered to do Connor's pictures before he was born, but then she thought better (worse?) of it, feeling like it would be viewed as favoritism at work, since she was Ron's boss. So then I offered to pay her because I really like her work, but she thought that would be viewed as a conflict of interest. (We had all just taken the business ethics quiz online as a corporation... dang!). Anyway, now she's running a contest, and I can enter, and if I win, I'm in! :) My other option is to ask Wendel and Ashley to come down and do pictures because I really like their pictures too, but I really hate to impose. They're SO busy these days and Ashley is pregnant *and* in grad school, maybe during the holidays... who knows. Anyway, I'm going to try and do a photo shoot this weekend, so that means tons of great photos for you to enjoy!!! :) Until then, peace - out!

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~Kelly said...

Hi Britney!
I'm glad to hear that lil Connor is doing so well!

Sometimes its just hard buckling down and taking the pictures yourself... Been there.. I can get great pics of kiddos that look professional, but sometimes its nicer & easier to just let someone else do the work for ya!

If you're still in the market for some local photographers I know a few.

Check out
Jen, is really sweet and fun. Last time I went she had her studio set up at her house which was located off of Brookwood.

here's her price sheet link

you get ALL the pictures shes taken burnt on CD unedited. So You get to play with the pics! Mostly I just did some cropping.

another person to check out is my friend Tomi ( I havent had pics taken by her in a awhile now, she is typically an onsite photographer... I dont know much about her rates either... just jet her an email though, I know there are some services that she offers that she cant setup through her website yet.

Hope that helps! lol