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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Some videos

We got the new HD camera in the mail, and have been taking some videos of Connor. Nothing earth-shattering, just mostly trying to get used to the camera before we go on vacation. It's a little grainy indoors, but that's to be expected... My mom wanted to see some more videos on here, so I thought I would oblige. She says it's like being right there. Better than nothing, right?

This first one, he grabbed one of his toys for the first time. I'm talking on the phone to my brother, Wayne, and I forgot to take it off of speaker.... oops! it's kind of funny, though. :)

In this one, he's playing with his jungle gym which is placed on our bed. Please ignore the messy room in the background!

We love having Connor around!

1 comment:

~Kelly said...

he's SOOO CUTE I love the videos!

He's still so "little" and makes mine look all grown up :( ALMOST makes me want one more lol