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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Random Shots of Connor

I finally downloaded pics from the point-n-shoot camera, so I thought I'd share some of them. Do I seem a little obsessed with the little dude? I can't help it. He was a long time coming....

November 3, my little aviator. I have to admit, I never realized how fun it is to dress up little boys. :)

This image was captured by our video camera using its "smile technology". Basically, it detects a smile and snaps a shot for you... It is pretty cute, I think.

November 21, at his very first birthday party (For Jasmine & Leonard Roggenbuck). See next post for details.

November 22, kickin' it before church. Don't his eyes look blue? or green. I can't tell yet. Either way, I was impressed with how well he did with the tie.

November 22, playing in the jumperoo.
Karina gave us this jumperoo when she found out we were expecting. Connor loves it!! He can play in it for 45 mins to an hour before getting bored. And, he's becoming quite the pro! He makes that thing spew all kinds of noise as he jumps around in it. He only hurt himself once, when his foot got stuck in the leg part of his footie pajamas and never made it to the floor when he went "down".... That's why you can see I put an elastic band around the ankles, to keep the footies on. He hasn't bonked his head since. :)

He is a very serious jumper...

It's very exciting! Thanks auntie Karina!!

Thanksgiving lunch at daycare, Nov 24.
His daycare invited the parents to a thanksgiving lunch on Tuesday. Since Ron didn't work that day, we both went! Mostly to meet other parents and have fun with Connor. I didn't realize, however, that it was also pajama day. So that's why everyone else (including Miss Tonya) is in PJ's. Oh, well. I'm notorious for getting those kind of things wrong... He looked cute in his outfit, though.

Ron is such a proud papa! He didn't want to put him down the whole time.

Connor sat in a booster seat, just for me. He still drinks a bottle, so there was no need for the food tray... but isn't it cute? :) sitting next to him is Ayden, a very cute little boy who is sometimes in Connor's room in the afternoon, waiting for parents. (They tend to combine kiddos in the late afternoon as they start dwindling off). In the back is Miss Tonya (on the right) sitting with some of the other kids. Adam is on the far left of the back table with his mom. He's in Connor's room all the time. We're still getting to know some of the others.

Connor was hungry, so Ron fed him.

And then, I wanted a turn, so Ron reluctantly agreed. :)

It's hard for me to take him to daycare 2x per week. But he does really well there. He's such a good baby! We are so blessed. I thank Heavenly Father daily for this new little blessing that has come into our lives. What would we ever do without him?

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