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Monday, November 2, 2009

We got Nothin'!

Nothin' = Not one single trick-or-treater! And I know this because as I left for Trunk-or-Treating at the church, I left a nice big bowl of FULL-SIZE candy bars in a hall-o-ween platter with a sign that said "Please take one!" Right next to it was a plastic pumpkin with a light that you plug in, and the porch light was on. Not exactly screaming "come here!" but was friendly enough. I noticed how the bars were arranged so I could estimate how many kids came by. Usually we get 2-3. (We're kind of off the beaten path, which is good sometimes. :). This year: zilch. zero. nada. nadinho. The candy bars were still arranged in EXACTLY the same way when I got back. (keep in mind that in Oregon, we get dark at ~5:30pm in October -- soon to be 4:30 pm by the time we hit winter solstace). The bowl hadn't been touched. So, I thought, maybe it's still early enough, surely someone will come? Nope. So, the bowl of full-sized candy bars came inside with the 1/2 full Costco mini-bars that I took to trunk or treating. Sheesh! How am I supposed to lose any weight? The cats aren't going to eat this stuff!!!! better luck next year.

Nothin' = I didn't get any new pictures of Connor on Hall-o-Ween because, well, I was running late as usual. That's OK, though, because I already posted one earlier ("A Little Preview").

Nothin' = No talking on the video! Connor has been starting to talk, and I've been trying to get it on my "point-and-shoot" video. (No worries, we have a real "HD" video camcorder coming in the mail tomorrow, hopefully, so we can get real videos, not these crappy little PAS clips). It's so cute, because it's more than just a "coo". He's actually saying full sentences in baby language. I thought, if I could record it now, then as soon as scientists can decode the baby language, we can play it back and translate what he said. It must be super-secret, though, because every time I turn on the camera, he clams up and just stares at the camera. So, I turn the camera off, and away he goes again! I turn it back on, and nothin'! I'm going to keep trying, but for now, I'll post my best one. This was after he had eaten his second breakfast. First breakfast comes at 5:30 or 6am when he wakes up. (Did I mention he's sleeping through the night now? at about 8 weeks old, he started sleeping 5 hours at a time 2-3 nights per week. Now at 12 weeks, heoes down at ~10pm and wakes up at 6am every night. Yay! I just know I'm going to jynx it by posting it here, but I guess I'll h ave to take my chances). I try to get him to sleep some more after first breakfast, mostly because I'm still tired. (Just because he gets to go to bed at 10pm doesn't mean I do....). Second breakfast comes at ~8:30 or 9am. He's usually pretty active after that and has alot to say. That's why you see his blanket sleeper still there -- he just came out of it from his "morning nap". Try and ignore me whispering "Hi" in the background. He usually talks more if I'm talking back. But, I didn't want to talk right into the mic.... Eventually I'll get a better one.

Incidentally, last Thursday was his first day in day care. Well, not really because we only stayed a few hours and I was with him. It was more of a transition for me, than for him. Friday was his first solo day (all day). It was so sad for me!! He had a great time, though, and met some new friends. This was his outfit for his first day. So cute! Ms. Tonya loved it, too!

Honestly, have you ever seen a cuter baby???? (of course all of you other mothers will say "yes", but that's OK. :).


Becky and the Boys said...

What a sweetie! I love how they kick and move their little arms around when they're excited. I always feel a little insulted if there aren't any/many trick or treaters. The last trick or treater we did have said "just give me all the candy". He knew it was about time to be over and thought he'd be a greedy hog, which I didn't go for. Most of the candy we bought is left over, as we were at the church, then I stood at the neighbors' house chatting with them while they passed out candy in the driveway. Now it's my job to keep Kyler from devouring it all - and myself!!!

Lindabee said...

I love the talking video. What a totally clever boy. [teach him to sy gamma!] We didn't get any trickers here in Sun Lakes either. Dadf said we nshould have gone since we are the yougsters here. give them ole folkz a thrille!!!