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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Jasmine & Leonard's Birthday Party

Connor went to his very first birthday party last Saturday for Jasmine and Leonard Roggenbuck. (I wonder how much he will remember? :). Anyway, Jasmine (turned 5) and Leonard (turned 2) have their birthdays so close together, that Karina decided to combine them this year. The Roggenbucks are really good friends of ours from way back -- Ron still has the couch set from when Tim moved to Arizona (what was it, 10 years ago?). Anyway... good friends!

We were delighted to be invited to the party. Karina (below) planned it at Out of This World Pizza which is really fun for the kids -- there's all kinds of things to do, and I'm sure Connor will love it when he's older.

Tim had to hold Leonard back from demolishing the cake(s). I say let him go! That would be a great shot! :) I'm not sure how pleased Jasmine was about sharing "her" birthday... She's such a cutie!

Leonard is getting ready for cake!

I was at an odd angle, so I didn't get all of the kids in this shot. You can see all the big smiles, I think everyone had fun...

Opening presents is always the highlight...

Karina had to get some baby time in. Connor's head is turned away, but you can see the corners of a huge smile since Karina is making some fun faces. :)

Karina and Connor

Jasmine wanted to hold Connor, too. And Pierce had to get in on the action. Beautiful kids!

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Mamie Coffey said...

mark it on Connor's milestones calender.. his first birthday party :)

he is so cute :)