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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes, we are insane!!

So, we had contractors starting the backfill the day after everyone left from the big weekend. What timing!! So, Ron, me, Karen, and Connor all went up to Brinnon to get some work done. I was so exhausted! and I was coming down sick! But we trudged on....

We spent the whole week in Brinnon -- the first few days at the Bayshore Motel and the last few days at the Harbor House B&B. (We definitely like the B&B better, but it's twice as much $$ and not always open...). Karen would stay at the hotel/B&B while Ron and I would go work with the contractors, rake the hard to reach places and move the electrical box to a permanent location. It was ALOT of work. To make it more complicated, Connor started getting sick, too. He was all congested, and by 2am on Wednesday, it was bad enough that he couldn't eat very well, so I called the nurse on-call to figure out what to do. Ron and I had to make a midnight run to Wal-mart (45 minutes away, one way) to get a ventilator, a nose syringe, some Tylenol -- just in case, and a few other supplies. Connor is still sick, but we're told it could last 5-10 days, so we'll just have to wait it out. (It's so sad when a baby is sick -- so hard to watch).

We did get alot done, though, so it was a productive trip.

Here's Ron & Connor -- yet another picture with the EXACT same expression... :)

Karen at her post. She spent alot of time feeding Connor since his eating habits went to half as much twice as often when he was sick...

Here's a view of the sunrise from the B&B balcony.

The front of the house is now accessible from the road without taking your life in your hands!

The trail on the back of the garage is now flat (instead of being sloped).

The far side is now terraced, ready for a propane tank and stairs on the side.

Karen and me walking back up to the road.

We also moved the meter to a more permanent location.

it's nice to now have a place to park!

Everyone was comfy on the way home... including the cats! Adrianne in my lap, Anna in Ron's.

And Connor slept the whole way! We hope he feels better soon....


Becky and the Boys said...

Wow - so much work! It will be worth it in the end. Poor baby - it is so hard to watch them be sick. I hope he's well soon.

Bloggin It said...

Girl, you are a TROOPER! I wouldn't do JACK if I had a newborn. :)

Bethaney said...

That's great that you made so much progress in washington, it looks great! I'm sorry to hear that you and Connor are sick, I hope you both feel better soon. :)

BC Thompson Family said...

Property is looking great and glad to hear Connor is a good traveler!

mrs s said...

connor looks so cute :) your cats are so funny! love to see the progress of your property.