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Monday, September 28, 2009

The Corn Maze...

Fall is here, you could tell by the weather today. There was a chill in the air and the leaves are *just barely* starting to turn. Ron's work group had an off-site activity where we went to The Maze at the Pumpkin Patch on Sauvie Island. It's really only an Island because the Columbia River separates and then joins together again... So it sounds more distinctive than it is. It was fun anyway, and we took lots of fun pictures.

The Farm:
You can tell they've been doing this for a while (35 years to be exact). It's set up very nicely. There is a gift shop right as you drive in, and the barn is set up to sell fresh produce. There is a canopy tent (below) with picnic tables which connects to both the entrance and the exit.

Once you're in, you can go through the maze as many times as you want. They even have a picture of it at the ticket counter, so I took a picture of a picture, hoping I could find my way back. For those that know me well, you know that it was not cheating, but merely a desperate measure to survive! I am not good with directions, even with a map, and would most likely be lost for good without some way to get me back... so this is what the maze looks like from overhead:

And here are some of the shots as we went through the maze. It was a beautiful day, really.

The Players:

Ron's team at work sponsored this as an offsite for the team members and their immediate family.

John and Whitney with Braxton

Roger and Katie


Ron & Britney with Connor

Dago and Mariposa

Krissy and Alice (her mother) with Violet and Noah

Dave, Roger and Katie lucked out the first time through and got done in 15 minutes. They went back in, though, and really got lost for almost an hour. Next out were Ron, Britney, Dago, Krissy and her mom. Then, finally, John and Whitney came out. (although I should say that John and Whitney came out WELL before Dave, Roger and Katie came out the second time...).

Fun With Cartoons:

The tent with the entrance and the exit had some fun cartoon boards to take pictures in. Everyone took turns sticking their heads in the holes of the boards.

Krissy and the 5 techs, Suzie couldn't make it... :( . We had to wait a while to take this shot since Dave and Roger were lost for quite a while... :) but it's a cool shot!

Clockwise from left: Krissy, Dago, Roger, John, Ron, Dave

Krissy and her kids!

John & Whitney and their son

Connor! :)

After pictures, we all went to the produce barn and stocked up on some fresh produce, including bell peppers the size of your head, and zuchinis the size of your leg. Lots of other stuff, too. (My favorite so far was the pear butter. yum!)

It was a fun day. Now, for all of you Connor fans out there, here are some more pictures of him. Such a cute outfit!! The pumpkin pictures were the hardest. Next time I'll pay more attention to the details... but they turned out OK. Enjoy!


BC Thompson Family said...

Connor is adorable...getting cuter each day! We actually have never been to a pumpkin patch we are taking the kids first time this year!

Bethaney said...

That looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Connor is such a cutie! he's getting big!

Lindabee said...

what a CUTE CUTE little pumpkin. the pix are really cute. ENJOY every minute of it. love ya....grammeeee
ps give him a hug and kiss for me