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Friday, September 25, 2009

bargain hunting...

I have been bargain hunting since I was 11 years old -- old enough to earn my own babysitting money and be required to buy my own clothes... Since college, I have sworn off bargain hunting because it takes too much time, and I wanted all new stuff anyway. Well, as most things do when you have a new baby, that has all changed now. Nothing that Connor has (except his car seat and some clothes we got at his baby shower) is new. Some has been passed down from friends, and alot of it has been purchased from consignment sales.... I've started to really appreciate the bargain hunting again, so much so that I actually volunteered for 4 hour shifts at the spring sales so that I could shop one day earlier than the rest of the public and snag the good deals! Pass-it-on Sales even has a picture of me on their web site. (pic below. I'm behind "Julie working hard while pregnant". I'm pregnant, too, I'm just a newbie... :)).

This fall I consigned to get in early instead of volunteering. I have a bunch of stuff left from when Anna and Miguel were living with us, so I decided to sell it instead of donating. (I have already donated TONS of stuff that could have made some money! oh well!).

So, today was the "presale" where consigners and volunteers went shopping before the public. And, I looked online at my inventory, and I've already sold $53 of stuff! sweet! So, mom, since you helped me tag all of this stuff, I thought I'd keep you in the loop. Here is what we sold already (and 3 more days to go!):

The poly diaper coverups were actually way underpriced, since I paid $3 for each of them used… they usually sell new for $8 each. But that’s OK, though, because I’ve gotten some steals myself!! For instance, I bought 4 white cloth diapers (for burp cloths) for $2. (cheaper than the 3 pink ones I sold for $3!! Even after the consignment fee ). I found 7 new NUK nipples for $3 total (3 were silicone and 4 were latex, so I get to try both). I found a Bumbo (looks brand new) for $7. I found a diaper champ for $11. I found a fold-up changing pad with two cover sheets for $3. (that means I get a downstairs changing station for $14 ). I found some Janie & Jack shirts for $1.50 each! A darling Gymboree rain jacket (with a zip-up hood) for $4! Some other Gymboree clothes for $2-3 each. Some adorable Sunday outfits for $3-5, and tons of gap/old navy/Children’s place clothes for $1 each… I love it! No worries, because if I sell everything I've consigned, I'll still come out ahead. and the great part is, when I'm done with this stuff, I can probably make my money back. awesome!

Ashley, let me know if you want to come down. They sometimes let new moms in the day before as well-- not too late for the October sale in Hillsboro :). Or if you can’t, let me know what you need and I will look. If it’s not at this sale, it’s sure to be at the one in Hillsboro in October…. :D


BC Thompson Family said...

Fun fun...I am seriously into bargaining shopping lately. I have got amazing deals at garage sells this summer. It is addicting and feels great to save tons of money! Good luck on your bargaining shopping. I am jealous I would love to be there with you...maybe we will have to plan a trip up there sometime during the sales!

Ashley said...

That is my kind of shopping! I would love to come down but we have photo shoots booked every Saturday through November and I work during the week. Sad. Have fun! I will let you know if I think of anything that we need.

Becky and the Boys said...

I love it - such a thrill to find a bargain, especially when you can recoup what you've spent later on!

mrs s said...

I'm excited for your good deals. Always love a good deal. And for your sales--always fun to make a buck or 2 :)