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Monday, September 7, 2009

Project Results

Here are some pics to document the amazing results of my great family!

Bethaney took on a big project -- painting the last wall downstairs. It actually needed to be mudded and sanded first, then primed, then painted. Yes, it took several days and she got very dirty. And now I owe her a new pair of pajama pants. :) For those who have been to my house before the wall was done, you'll see the huge difference. How great does this look?

When my mom finished tagging and labeling the consignment stuff, she cleaned off my driveway, including pulling all the weeds that we had. So clean!!! She also weed-eater'ed the edges so it looked very nice!!

When dad got into town, he took it upon himself to mow the back lawn and cut the blackberry bushes off of the deck. Pretty amazing, right? Ron was very grateful for this particular project, since it has been nagging at him for the last few months....

If you remember, Mamie helped me organize the nursery, but I don't have pictures of that yet... but will post them when I do.

Thanks again, guys!!! I couldn't have made it without you!


Mamie Coffey said...

wowza! it looks awesome! what a huge diff they made. I'm so glad they got those things done for you :)

BC Thompson Family said...

Thank heavens for great family who can help you out...seriously it looks great!