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Friday, July 25, 2008

Super 8 previews

I have "inherited" a big box of Super 8 movies from when me and my siblings were very young. I have undertaken the task of labeling them and shipping them off to be transferred to DVD (Using a high-end service that will literally take a picture of each frame and string them together). I have several reels (14 to be exact) that are not labeled whatsoever. So, I'm trying to use my scanner to get a sneak peak. However, my scanner isn't working right because I just got a new computer with Vista installed (Stupid OS!) and I didn't have the driver disk so I had to download the drivers/utilities from Epson and for some reason the "film" option is disabled so now I have to go find the disk so I can scan in film without having to treat it like a photo (which is why the image to the left is so grainy and dirty....). Anyway, I thought I would share the previews. Maybe some of the family can help me shed some light on who/when they are.... I think this one is Wayne in a pool or puddle out back because mom is holding a baby that I think must be Meagan or Britney? Hard to tell....

Anyway, when I get more scans in (after I find that dang disk!) I will post more. It might be fun! :)

And, don't worry, the guy transferring these to DVD will clean them first, and has special equipment to take care of very brittle film. (This has been stored in the Arizona heat for upwards of 30 years.... I'm amazed I can still unravel it).

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Mrs S said...

ok i get a sick feeling in my stomach when you say "stored in the AZ heat for upwards of 30 years...." thank you for undertaking this project and preserving a bit of our childhood!