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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A new friend

Today we were at the temple taking pictures so we could hang one on our wall. We found this great new cat that was SOOOO friendly. She came and jumped on our lap and licked us like she knew us forever. She was a little bitey, too, so that made us think she was hungry. We ran to get some cat food and came back and she was still there. The way she was ravenously devouring the meal we brought for her made us decide that she needed a new home. I remembered hearing that my brother, Wendel, was wanting a cat that would let him cuddle. His wife Ashley has two cats, squeak and kitty, but they don't let wendel have any lap time... I figured this one would fit perfectly -- she lets anyone have lap time! So I'm going to post an ad to make sure no one lost her. I'll probably get her scanned too. But, isn't she cute?

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