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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A salute to kitties!

Well, Ashley came down to pick up the new friend. We were supposed to meet her half-way, but the communication lines became crossed and she ended up all the way in Portland! (So sorry Ashley!). She loves the cat, and knows Wendel will too. Ron and I had both grown attached and were sad to see her go, but we're happy to know she is in a great, loving home! and Wendel will finally get his cuddles, as many as he could want! I hope he names her Felicity, because that name seems to fit. Or, he may have a better name for her in mind. :) As a parting gift, Ron and I gave her a micro-chip identifier, just in case. She's so sweet!

I realized that my new tradition of quotes every post didn't last very long. But, here's a new one, in honor of our furry friends (and I can vouch for its veracity):

"Be nice to [animals]. [They] bring so much joy to so many people!"
-linda bee, about max


Mamie Coffey said...

that last kitty looks like he is chuckling behind his paw... what is she laughing at, anyway?!

M said...

i have to say, i agree w/ mames. but ALSO i can vouge for that quote of the day! i was there--i heard it! good ole max....