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Monday, July 21, 2008

Meet the Cats

Adrianne (left) and Anna (right) are the softest, furriest cats I've seen in a long time. How do I tell them apart? Everyone asks. It's because I've lived with them since they were 6 weeks old, and that was 4 years ago. Adrianne is "my" cat and has fluffier hair (usually looks fatter, even though she's not). Anna is "Ron's" cat and her hair is slightly more coarse and a little darker.

Anyway, They are very affable, and they love to cuddle in our laps. Their favorite thing to do on a long car ride is to sit in the passenger seat where there is a seat warmer and snuggle together. Of course, when I'm in the passenger's seat, they are relegated to the back seat and they don't like that as much. They usually push their way back into our lap. (Yes, even Ron when he's driving). Aren't they cute?

One other difference between the two is that Anna could care less about what food she eats. Mine, however, has quite the palette. I guess I shouldn't have given her ice cream and lasagna when she was a kitten, because now she thinks she has to have the good stuff all the time. Usually they get cat food (Friskies, Science Cat, or the like). Sometimes their eating gets a little slower and I couldn't figure out why, until recently. Here's the story:

I recently bought these Vittles Vaults to use to build up our food storage. (You know for rice, beans, grains, etc). they are air tight and FDA approved, and I figure if they're good enough for pets, they're probably fine for humans, too! I figured that our food storage isn't complete without some cat food for the kitties, so I bought a big 25 lb bag of Friskies and I opened it to pour it in. Immediately Adrianne was in the kitchen sitting next to me, just eye-balling the bag. She knew what it was. I looked over at her bowl, and it was overflowing with the same (though slightly older) food -- friskies. So, I think nothing of it and start pouring the vittles into the vault when some happens to spill out onto the floor. I couldn't even set the bag down to pick up the mess before Adrianne had scurried in and started frantically chomping down on the spillage. "Crunch, crunch, chomp, crunch," and then "click, click, click" as she tried to get her grip on the slick hard wood kitchen floor to scurry to the next little grouping of cat vittles. Then, "Crunch, chomp, crruuunnch, chomp, chomp" as she chowed down as fast as she could. Hmmm.... I think she likes it fresh? Maybe the vault will do its job and she'll never have to eat stale food again!

I asked Ron if we should switch it all out. He said, "no, they need to go on a diet anyway....". :)

Adrianne (first pic), Anna (second pic), both (last pic).

And, my quote for today:
"I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them."
-Ian Fleming


Ashley said...

I love the pictures, especially the two of them together. So cute!

Mrs S said...

makes me ALMOST want to get a cat....

imbritney said...

seriously, how could I NOT take a picture of that???? :)