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Friday, April 2, 2010

We're in trouble!

So, when I picked Connor up yesterday from baby school, his teacher had a "funny" anecdote about Connor. Apparently there is a new girl in his class, a few months younger, named Ella. And, Apparently, she is very pretty! At least to Connor, because as soon as he saw her across the room, he got very excited and made a V-Line towards her (army-crawl style). He even climed over the teacher sitting on the floor to get there! Later as they were both sitting there playing, he would giggle at every coo or grunt she made... He is very smitten! and such a flirt!! It's so funny to see him interact with girls in such a different way than he interacts with boys -- every time!! How does he know the difference??? that's what I want to know. You think I'm seeing things skewed based on my own interpretation? No, because I have tested my theory on many occasions. He really interacts with girls differently, much more flirty! It happened at the home show we went to (even though she was obviously 2 years older), at church, at the grocery store, or anywhere he sees another girl. Even with adults sometimes. We are definitely in trouble.... So cute, though. My little man!

I found this ticker on babygaga and really like it. :) I also put it on my blog header and it will update real-time to show you how old Connor is. :)

Also, yesterday was April Fool's day so I decided to play a prank on Ron. He is always pranking his engineers at work on April Fool's, thinking it is so funny. So, I waited until the evening after he got home when he was good and tired and wouldn't catch on. And I told him, "I need to tell you something." "You're pregnant! haha" (pause) "Yes." "What? I was kidding." "Well, the pee-stick came back positive". "You're kidding!" "No, not kidding. Are you excited?" "What? You're joking!" "No, Ron, why would I joke about something like that?" "Really? Are you serious?" "Yes. Are you happy about it?" "Are you serious? Really?" "Yes." "Really?" "Yes. Are you excited?" "Are you kidding?" etc. etc. After 10 minutes of this banter, I thought the poor boy was going to explode, so I decided to let him off the hook. "Why would I kid about something like this? ..... Unless it was April Fool's..." HAHAHAHA "Oh, man! I can't believe you would do that to me! Why would you do that? I can't believe it" and on and on it went for the next 30 minutes. I think he was really surprised. twice. I'm still giggling about it. :) hehe


Ashley said...

I can attest to Connor's flirtations. He was certainly quite the flirt with Emma Jackson at my baby shower. What a cutie.

I love that joke you played on Ron! I could never pull something like that off because I'm such a bad liar. That's great that he believed you!

imbritney said...

true-true. That will always be his first "kiss"... at 6 mos. :) boggles the mind.