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Saturday, April 17, 2010


(This post was started a week ago.... so all the milestones are from two weeks ago. I'll add more when I can :).

So many milestones have happened this week, I thought I should blog about them.

Holding his own bottle
Earlier in the week, Connor's teacher (Ms Tanya) and I decided we should start forcing him to hold his own bottle. He's known how for a while now (since he was 2-3 months old), but definitely prefers the "full service" mode. He's not too happy about this either. As soon as I put the bottle in arms' reach, you can see his instinct kick in to grab the bottle. Then he decides he doesn't want to, because he wants me to hold it, so he gets frustrated and yells, or even cries (fake cry!) to see if I'll give in. what a booger!
(March 21)

Holding his own sippy
Mostly he likes to bang it around (isn't EVERYTHING a hammer when you're this age?). But, he does try to sip out of it every once in a while. If I push up his arms to make the water go back, he'll get a nice refreshing drink. :)
(March 24)

eating his own food
Connor has been holding his own spoon for a while now (though I admit I feed him more than I should because I just don't like the mess!). and now he's using the pincer grasp to grab little finger foods and eat them! He doesn't like bananas (just spits them right back out with an "eeewwww" face on). But he eats alot of other stuff... :)

April 10 -- right before he threw his bowl, 1/2 full of food on the floor

--And then the bath afterwards--

School lunch
since he's eating regular foods now, we decided to start school foods, as long as it's soft and mushy. He's doing pretty well, too! which means I don't have to bring food anymore, just bottles. YAY! He's had Pizza! green beans, oranges, muffin, cheerios, yogurt, SOUP, and tons more.

First teeth
We have been brushing his gums for 6 weeks now, to get him ready. And this weekend we had two pop through! They're still growing in, but you can definitely see them (and feel them!) now. :)
(March 18)

April 24 (He's whining because he wants out of the jumperoo, but I want a picture of his teeth first.... if you zoom all the way in, you can see them! :)

Pulling up to stand
When my mom was here over Easter week, she started putting Connor up against things to stand. I've tried it before but he wasn't really ready until now... He liked it so much, that now he tries to pull himself up on everything, like bath tubs, crib, coffee tables, toys. Some things work better than others...

And now that he's pulling up to stand, he's starting to dance his feet around and even take a step or two. Not really ready to walk yet, but so cute!

Random Pictures (I know some of you are addicted!)

April 10 -- Daddy changing a diaper -- yes, men change diapers, too!

April 11
Ron looks like he swallowed the canary!

still plays himself to sleep

Lovin' the cat.

Look at those beautiful, multi-colored eyes. My best guess is Hazel, but they still change everyday. I've seen blue, green, brown, even yellow.... :P

April 13
I asked Ron to take Connor downstairs early one morning when Ronna and JR were still visiting (No worries, I'll post more about that visit soon). I didn't think there was any need to wake EVERYONE at 6am. And, I had taken him down the day before, so... Ron's turn! This is what I found when I went to find them....

Random Funny sounds he makes:

growls when he dislikes something
whistles through his gums when he's happy. well, not a *strong* whistle. More like a leaky pipe or something
sings a little "oooh" when he wants to say something
laughs and giggles super hard when I eat his stomache
He's been saying "baba" when he's hungry. Or when he's bored.
and, he has said "Yum" once. :)


Mamie Coffey said...

so cute!! Getting so grown up.. big people food, lots of teeth, holding his bottle.. my goodness!! I can't wait to see him this summer

Ashley said...

It's fun to see these milestones so I know what's around the corner for Oliver. (Btw, Connor has such nice, long eyelashes)

Bethaney said...

what a cutie bug! that picture of everyone sleeping on the couch is great! how fun!

Britney said...

@Mamie -> aw, thanks! we can't wait to see you too!

@Bethaney -> I love how when you say "everyone" you include the cat. (but not me, though, 'cause I'm taking the picture... :) hehe

@ashley -> it's definitely nice to know what's coming. I get the scoop from my doctor from our periodic "classes", and I'm also subscribed to several baby sites... I have some previous "status quo" posts, too, if you want to look at months closer to where oliver is now...

Lindabee said...

I loved being there with Connor and bonding....what a FUN little guy he is....just keep him out of the plant pot with marbles in it!!!!!