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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lucy Liu -- er, I mean Miss Mary

In case you were wondering, the Petlink registration does, in fact, work! I just got a call, which I *almost* didn't pick up because caller ID said it was from "Druid City A NSW". huh? Anyway, it was from pet link, saying that someone had found Lucy! They asked me if I had her, and I said, "No she was lost in Brinnon". Then they told me that a nice woman had just taken her in to Woodside Animal Hospital in Port Orchard to have her spayed where they found she had a microchip! Port Orchard is 63 miles away from Brinnon by land. But, I bet she hopped in someone's boat and went across the water. Bremerton is directly across from Brinnon, and Port Orchard is just south of there...

Anyway, Petlink called Woodside, who then called the nice lady, and we were all going back and forth on the phone. (This is one of those rare times that it would have been nice to have a "party line"....). I guess Lucy was found in Bermerton in October, 2008 by someone who couldn't keep her. They then gave Lucy to this nice lady who has had her ever since. She named Lucy "Miss Mary", so I guess that's what her name is now. The nice lady just recently brought Miss Mary in to be spayed, and the vet noticed she already had a scar. So, they checked for microchips, and found ours! We didn't have her spayed, so she was obviously someone else's pet before ours. (I looked for 2 months and didn't find an owner). When they asked if we would like to be reunited with Lucy-Mary, all I could think was "we're going to be a FOUR cat family! YIKES!". I then asked if the nice lady would like to adopt her, because we would be OK with that. And, yes, indeed, the nice lady would like to, very much! So now she just has to send me her info and I will update pet link with HER info, so Lucy will have a permanent home.

So glad to have a happy ending! (and it looks like all the previous "sightings" were false alarms! :). In any case, it's nice to have closure!

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Becky and the Boys said...

Fascinating - glad it all worked out for Kitty. I lost our cat on the drive out here. I figure he either found a new family or was eaten by coyotes. Either way, it's the circle of life. We didn't have him microchipped, so I guess we'll never know.