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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here, Kitty-Kitty!

The cats were ready for their new friend (if you look closely you can see the clear Soft-Paws that Adrianne is sporting -- Kitty is de-clawed so I didn't want him to have a terrible disadvantage). And, surprisingly the cats are taking the new addition rather well.

We've found that Kitty's favorite game, though, is "find that cat!" and he is very good at it. He has been very quiet, so it makes it difficult!! like, yesterday, he won. I never found him once. Today, I found him twice! I won. :) Here's how a typical game goes (notice that Anna and Adrianne get in on the fun, too, though I'm not sure who's side they're on. They usually follow me around as I'm looking. :)

I hear some rustling downstairs, so I go take a look. -- False alarm! It's Adrianne.

So, I look under everything, starting with the stairs, desk, chair, then end table. Nothing.

I look under the bed -- False Alarm! It's Anna's favorite spider.

Under the chest of drawers -- false alarm! It's Anna!

I look in all the closets and cupboards including the pantry, baby's room, murphy bed, closet -- nothing!!

I hear a noise behind the computer -- false alarm! It's Adrianne!

I check all the comfy-cozy spots, like by the window, in the downstairs cat house, in the cozy cat carrier, in the upstairs cat house, in the cat bed by the dresser -- nothing!

I see a lump on the bed -- false alarm! It's Anna!

I see another streak outside the door and follow it downstairs where I began, and BINGO! I find Kitty under the stairs! (look close -- he's there!)

Then, as I'm typing this story, I see him come out, so I check it out, and he actually sticks around for me instead of running away! progress!! I extend my hand and actually pet him! more progress!! He was very nervous, so shy'ed away from the camera -- I didn't get any shots with his eyes open, but I will someday.

Then he starts growling at me and hissing, so I get my cat who is calmly watching the whole scenario, and we go snuggle by the computer. Kitty disappears, and we'll start all over tomorrow. :)

Someday we'll all be great friends! :)


Ashley said...

I am so touched by all that you're doing for Kitty. You guys are amazing. Seriously, I can't thank you enough.

It's great to see pictures of him. I'm sure he'll eventually warm up. I'm glad your cats are doing well.

My Wonderful Life said...

Brittney thank you so much for all you are doing for Kitty. It means so much to me. Thank you for posting pictures of him. It was fun seeing you this weekend with Conner.

imbritney said...

No problem!!! I like that I can give him a second (third?) chance. :) I think it's funny that Anna and Adrianne like to follow me around when I'm looking for them. They just watch what I do when I find him. So cute!!

I'll try and post pictures when I can find him. :)

imbritney said...

by the way, We haven't seen any puke yet, so it was probably just the grass. Adrianne does the same thing when she eats grass. :) Stools are still hard, but we're trying canned food to see if that helps get more liquid in him. :)