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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A fun Memory

My sister posted a blurb on Facebook about setting her smoke alarm off. It reminded me of a fun story about Anna and Miguel (our foster kids). We had just gone through fire safety with them, since they did a unit at school about it, we decided to follow up at home about specifics at our house. So, Ron showed them where the rope ladders were in case they had to go out the bedroom windows. Not that they would actually be able to hook them up, but they could show the adult, if necessary. Then, we talked about escape routes and a meeting place by the mailbox on the corner of the cul-de-sac and did a few practice runs. It was great! Then, about a week later, I was cooking in the kitchen and the smoke alarm went off. (No comments! It hasn't happened before or since, so it must have been providence :). Anyway, I said, "OK, this is not a *real* alarm, but let's practice anyway." So next thing I know both of them are trucking from the kitchen to their bedrooms, giggling all the way, which is in the opposite direction of the front door. :) I realized they were heading for the rope ladders -- Haha! So I corrected them, "No, you can head for the front door since it's not blocked by fire. Don't forget to throw your sandals on!" Meanwhile, I'm trying to turn off the alarm before I join them. So, when I get to the front door, the kids are trucking around the cul-de-sac on the sidewalk, still giggling, and I realized that Miguel took my thongs since he didn't have any by the front door! So, my choice was to go all the way back upstairs to put some real shoes on, go outside barefoot (it had just rained), or call off the practice. Hmmm.... I called out to them, "Good job!! You can come back in now!" It was so cute!! I can still see them trucking down the sidewalk on their way to the mailbox. :)

I don't know where they are now, but I still pray that they are safe and happy.

(Taken Jan 15, 2008)

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