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Monday, June 7, 2010

Schultz Family Reunion -- Part 1

June 6, Day 1:

Since we were all in Washington anyway, Wendel scheduled Oliver's blessing for that weekend. We started at his house on Sunday. (Well, we were all staying in hotels and went to his ward for the blessing and then his house for a lunch). Here's a few shots that I snapped:

Arranging the boquet of (mostly) wild flowers for Ashley. This is serious business! and of course, Connor didn't want to be left out.

The Chiefs, er I mean Chefs.

IsaBeth. :) haha, J/K this is Isabel and Bethaney.

... Meagan and Mamie

Mom and her granddaughters... most of them. Isabel, Avery, Linda, Abby, Sophia.

Connor is so close to walking! He grabbed Geoff's leg to get his attention so they could walk.

Connor had many words of wisdom for Oliver, having just been there a mere 7 months prior!

"Now listen, Oliver, when you get out of that chair....

There's going to be alot of people like those guys....

that want to pull you around by your hand, so you can walk!

Right, mom?"

"But that doesn't sound very fun...

It sounds like it's going to hurt!"

"Yeah, You're right, I don't want to do it either!"

No, not really, I don't know what they were talking about. But they were so cute together. :)

I got a few moments to hold Oliver, though it was tough breaking him away from Mamie. She loves babies these days.

Is Dad blocking a punch?

How can you resist that smile???? the cute little curly tongue. My mom loves him :).

June 7, Day 2:

We decided to see some things downtown, but by the time everyone got there, it was time for lunch, so we had to walk all the way down to lunch (the Crab Pot, I think?). It was quite a ways. And Ron and mom ended up getting tickets because they parked on a street during restricted hours that weren't posted very well... *argh*. We always seem to get a ticket at these dang things....

But before that happened, we found a fun carousel to ride outside of the restaurant with games and fun things to do with the kids.

Some fun sculpture benches. (Connor, Isabel, Avery, Abby, Sophia)

at the pier with Bethaney and Gramma.

Mamie, Geoff & Isabel

Meagan and Avery

Isabel, Abby, Sophia

Britney, Avery, Connor, Ron

Bethaney doing the Dance, Dance Revolution.

Here's the group (well, everyone except me who is taking the picture....)
Ron, Connor, Linda, Isabel, Mamie, Sophia, Abby, Bethaney, Avery, Geoff, Meagan.

Playing with the finger cuffs they won with the tickets...

Avery shows off her newly acquired bling.

Then, later that night, in the hotel room after we went swimming.

Meagan and Connor. So cute!

Bethaney and Connor. Adorable!

Part 2 will be coming soon....

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