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Monday, May 31, 2010

Shrimp Fest!

We're building a second home in Brinnon, WA -- A tiny little town on the West side of the Hood Canal. It's much less populated because it's *that* much harder to get to it from Seattle. But, it makes a great destination location for people that like to do outdoorsy kind of things.

Brinnon's one claim to fame (for now, until the resort is built) is Shrimp Fest, which happens every year on Memorial Day weekend. We've been there for it before but I haven't blogged about it until now.

They have these belt sander races that our neighbors really get into. Ralph is the main referee (under the tent). Ray inspects the decorated sanders, and everyone else loves to watch and cheer. It's pretty funny how much they get into it.

One thing we found out is that Connor LOVES shrimp. We bought a basket of shrimp and fries for Ron and it turns out Connor ate most of them. (We took the breading off, but still!)

This slide reminded me of childhood (if only it were yellow). Any time we went to the state fair, this was the only ride we ever did. and we did it 2 or three times. "super slide!"

Connor had his first pony ride. A little silly, I know....

Outside of the Quilcene Museum. We had always heard about it, this time we decided to go. It was better than I thought it would be! luckily it was free, so I didn't have to feel jipped.

It never fails. When we go to Brinnon, Ron is ALWAYS strapping SOMETHING to the roof of our car. and it's usually me that forgets it's there and somehow dings the body a bit. :P oh, well.

We let Connor play in the dirt for the first time. I told Ron he should at least PRETEND like he wasn't letting our child swallow rock after rock... ew.

I wonder where Connor gets his tongue from? hmmm....

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