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Thursday, December 3, 2009

The holidays are here!!!

I love that the holidays give us liberties to dress up our kids in fun little clothes. I had to snap a picture of this before we left for daycare. I have the cutest little booties that go with the hat, but unfortunately they're already too small.... :( bummer. I'll have to keep my eye out for another set. :) That's OK, the green shoes work too, right? :)

Of course, with the holidays comes bad weather and that means congestion, coughs, colds and all kinds of maladies. Connor has had a bad time of it for a few days, so we took him in. He's bordering on bronchitis, so the doctor gave us an aspirator to use so it doesn't get worse. I love the little smoke swirl in this picture (you might have to zoom way in to see it). I guess Connor does, too, because he seems to be fixated on it! :) He didn't mind it so much at first, he thought it was a game. But, it turns out that sometimes he doesn't like it and will cry through the whole thing... poor little guy!

We hope you all are healthy and happy through this holiday season! :) Love you guys!

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