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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bad Santa!

At least this one was... First, he kind of creeped me out. But, I thought, we were already there, and time is something I do not have in abundance. Second, he made all of the kids cry. I mean, who thought dangling a baby in front was a good idea??? You'll notice that no matter how many kids are "on his lap", one of them is always dangled. So wierd. No wonder they all cried. Anyway, I went with my friend Julie and her kids, so at least that was fun!

Below, L-R: Mason, Santa, Connor, Morgan, Evan.

We tried some shots with just Julie's kids, but we lost Morgan pretty quickly.

Then we lost Mason (luckily I snapped a shot right before he started to cry...)

My favorite one of Connor is one that I photo-shopped Santa out! and it's not that good...

Does Connor look like he's having fun? No!

And this is the one I paid for. pant leg scrunched up and everything... :P blech!

Oh, well, we'll try again next year! For now, I'm just trying to decide if I send these out with the Christmas cards or not... argh!


Yvette said...

Hi Britney and Ron,
we got your Christmas card today. I didn't even notice the scrunched up pant led till I read this blog. Connor is so cute that our eyes are drawn to his.

We wish your family a very merry Christmas and a new year filled with many blessings. As you know it;s not the green stuff that bring you happiness, it's the little bundle of joy that has joined your family and filled it with endless riches.

I would love for us to get together after the holidays. We would love to meet your son.

imbritney said...

Yvette! I'm so glad you found our blog! It's good to hear from you. We would love to see you guys before we leave for Christmas (we're going to see our families this year instead of everyone coming here). Which shift is Doug on these days?

mrs s said...

silly brit, brit, brit--they ALL look super cute!