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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Meet Mr. Beta. Aptly named after his own species!

OK, this is my first official tag! (thankyou, ashley!). Here goes,
list 5 Joys, 5 Fears, 5 obsessions/collections, and 5 surprising facts, and tag 5 people.

1. Ron. I LOVE to cuddle with him. He is the world's best cuddler! For the first 6 years of marriage, we would cuddle all night long, even in our sleep! If one of us turned over, the other followed and thus it went all night long like the sausages at 7-11. Why only the first 6 years? What happened you ask? Well, I got my mask! :( much-needed for my sleep apnea, but definitely a cuddle-killer.
2. My cats. and all their furriness.
3. Cooking. Ron and I have started to spend our Sundays learning how to cook new things. Not just throwing stuff in a pot, but actually making delectable dishes. Things like Chicken Marsala, Salmon with mushroom sauce, pear cobbler, etc etc. It's actually nice to eat when it's good!
4. my health. though it could be better, I'm definitely still able to do most things that I'd like to do...
5. sleeping. It's much more restful with the mask (despite the downfalls of #1).

1. That I'm missing out on life because I'm working too much. Ron and I see less and less of each other (part of the reason we instigated cooking day).
2. We'll reach the millenium and I won't be ready. (This has been a fear since I was 5 years old... I'm trying to sift through to see if it's irrational or not. :).
3. My cats will never know how good they have it.....
4. stepping in poo... I've done it before and it is gross!!!
5. bugs. I hate hate hate them. If I see a roach, I literally freeze solid in a semi-fetal position. Imagine standing up, bringing feet together, one on top of the other tucked inward, arms cringed together, all twisted up and shaking, and a really awful look of disgust on my face, with lip curled and everything. Literally, I freeze like that for a good five minutes. (I didn't fare too well in Brasil for a year and a half!! eeewww! I get grossed out just thinking about the buggers I saw over there).

1. Work. I hate that it's an obsession.... I'm trying to replace it with an actual life... :)
2. Organization. You might laugh, given the "projects" that are piling up, but really I have a hard time being productive if things aren't organized.... which is why I don't get much done at home....
3. taking pictures of people, places, things. I'm not very good. My last class was in high school, for pete's sake. and I don't remember what F-stop is. although I think it's about speed of the film or something... anyway, the trick is to buy a really nice camera!! that has an "auto" button! maybe someday I can learn how to really use it!
4. I have a collection of old photos that I stole from my parents because they weren't doing anything with them. My siblings have cleaned me out of some of them, but I'm still trying to archive them onto digital media.
5. Making sure my hands are clean all the time! (This was ashley's, too, I'm just building on it). When I cook, I found that I wash my hands everytime anything gets on them (so, like, 30 times during a typical preparation). I refuse to hold on to the hand rail at work because I KNOW what kind of germs are crawling there. (Ironically, I stopped getting sick all the time once I stopped holding that germy thing). I carry sanitizer in my purse, and use it often. and I always have to get them really dry after washing.... no drips!

Surprising Facts
1. Probably the most surprising thing about me is that I have a tattoo. few people know. fewer have seen it. I don't show anyone any more, so I guess you'll never know if you haven't seen it already... :)
2. I have been sky diving. I was so scared that I don't remember most of it.... silly.
3. I am certified for advanced/nitrox SCUBA diving. My wet suit currently doesn't fit (is that surprising?), so I don't go very often.
4. I hate politics. I hate discussing them. I even hate voting because the options are never very good.....
5. I've discovered that I don't really like ice cream. I still eat it. But I wonder why.....

Now, I tag Christi, Ronna, Wendel, Becky, and Tiffany! (I think I'll be lucky if I see two of those tagged actually write! I'm being ambitious. :)

"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle."
Amy Bloom


Christi said...

Man, I learned a ton from your tagged post...thanks for tagging me. Well sounds like u guys are having fun learning to cook together sounds like a great hobby together.

Mamie Coffey said...

I was just getting ready to do my tag, but then I saw you did yours and I had to read it first!! good stuff! love ya- your crazy fears, obsessions & all!

Ashley said...

Thanks for playing along. It was fun to learn more about you. I had no idea you have a tattoo. I am the exact same way about clean hands (though I didn't expand on it on my blog) and carry sanitizer in my purse and backpack as well.