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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blue is not just a river in Egypt....

I've been kind of down lately, so I haven't blogged. Mostly because of all these dr. appts I've been having lately, getting poked and prodded and diagnosis' like "severe obstructive apnea," "glucose intolerant," "PCOS," and various other female issues that I'd prefer not to rehash... Plus, I'm still fat! So, in an effort to cheer myself up, I'm going to list things that make me happy today:
  • Ron. He's always top of my list because he's so supportive of everything I go through.
  • the cats. You can't get much furrier than that!
  • our weekend away -- we went up to Brinnon last weekend to just relax. It was nice -- we have the windows in and the house wrap up. It almost looks like a real house
  • my new bike. I've been wanting to start riding again, but didn't think they had a bike that would support my weight. We went into REI, and what do you know? They had one! I was all gung-ho to start riding to work (only 6 miles away), and then it started raining. We had a dry spell for 3 months, and the day I get my bike it starts raining! (oh-wait, this is happy thoughts)
  • I actually started cleaning the corner in the basement where I need to paint the last wall downstairs. (Remember the project that I posted that needs to be done -- still working on it).
I'll post pictures of the bike once it stops raining and I can pull it out of the garage. Anyone want to go riding with me? I'm tempted to ride to Target tomorrow to buy a backpack, even if it's raining. I live in Oregon, for pete's sake....

"The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don't want, drink what you don't like, and do what you'd rather not."
-Mark Twain


Mamie Coffey said...

how did i miss this post? I commented on the post before & after it? good way to drive away those blues! I hope you get some dry days so you can ride your bike.. or put on a poncho and ride anyway! I will go with you.. i have this cool old fashioned bike. I will put a pic up on my blog, too! hang in there... i luvs ya!

imbritney said...

How did I miss your comment on the post that you missed? So long ago... anyway, I still haven't taken a picture of my bike and now it's raining again. Go figure.... But I have ridden (sp?) it a bit. Let's go riding!