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Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's up with Connor?

My sister Mamie asked for some gift ideas, and the list I sent her turned into a pretty cute list, so I thought I would share it here. I'll post pictures later if I can find any to match.

here’s what Connor loves to do:

  • Buttons. He LOVES to push buttons to find out what they do. Laundry, VCR (It’s lowest on our stack), phone, oven, oh and toys too. I’m trying to teach him not to push the dangerous (or inconvenient) buttons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come back to do laundry and found that the load had been stopped in its tracks 2 mins after I started it. Argh!
  • Music. He loves buttons even more when music comes out of it. He grooves to just about anything. I’ve gotta get that kid on video grooving to something – it’s SO CUTE! He’ll push a button for music then his head starts grooving and his whole body gets into it. Then he starts dancing toward me because he wants me to join. J I laugh every time. (PS he has THREE of those animals that you push the paws and they make music – presents from various people at Christmas last year, so that is covered!)
  • Water. He loves water anywhere. He’s learned how to play in the church fountains, will spend 20 mins brushing his teeth, and LOVES bath time. When he hears the water running, he comes instantly and gets in the tub himself (even with clothes on). So far I have successfully stopped him from getting his clothes wet. But he figured out early how to climb over the tub wall and get in himself. (Also came in handy at ~8 or 9 months when I had to briefly leave the bathroom to get his towel across the hall and he didn’t want to be alone. He climbed over and slithered across the floor to find me.). Anyway, right now his bath toys are kind of scarce. He has some foam letters/numbers that stick to the wall, some plastic squirty sea life and a big boat that floats with blocks on top. Not that I need a ton of toys plugging up the bath, but a new one or two wouldn’t hurt. Or a water play table or toy or something.
  • Dress up. Dress up for Connor is mostly hats. He loves putting stuff on his head, and showing me the sign for “hat” (see below for signing). Things I’ve seen on his head: hats (all kinds and sizes), tambourine, bowls, plates, blankets, stuffed animals, books, princess dress (at school), clothes, shoes, and I’m sure there are others that I can’t think of right now.
  • Phones & remotes. OK, the remote is probably just more of the button thing, but he’ll turn anything into a phone, even without buttons. He’ll put it up to his ear and start talking. And, once he’s talking he’ll start walking around looking at the ground. (wonder where he learned that one from?). Things that are phones: bars of soap, small plastic gadgets, play phones (he has 3), pretty much anything that is rectangular and solid.
  • Teddy Bear. He has a teddy bear that he loves to snuggle at night. He has other stuffed animals – lots of monkeys from mom with her monkey kick last year, some various sea creature puppets and a couple other things – but nothing so soft or squishy as his teddy. It’s cute!
  • Sign language. It took him a while to start using the signs he knew, but now he gets a kick out of it – especially “Hat” (since he likes dressup so much). Here are the words that he has recognized or used in sign (Some he’s only done once, but it counts! Comes from Rachel Coleman’s Baby Signing Time DVD’s): Eat, drink, cracker, water, milk, all done, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, more, bird, fish, cat, dog, baby, shoes, hat, please, thank you (synonymous with his blowing kisses – same thing J), sorry, car, train, airplane, boat, ball, wash hands, brush teeth, sleep, bath, laugh (so cute when he did the sign to mom at Thanksgiving), sad, hot, cold, yes, no, telephone, go, stop, bug (he didn’t make the sign, but giggled and looked at the bug when I did), wait (again, didn’t make the sign, but understood when I did), snow, rain, wind. He also points to his eyes, nose, mouth and head when directed. OK, there’s probably not a gift idea in here, but I thought it would be fun to share.
  • Should I list words he speaks, too? Lol why not! (it's not as many) Mom, dad, kitty-cat, hat, ba-ba (not so much anymore now that he's on sippy's), mum-mum means "milk" or "nourishment" can also be synonymous with "mom":), hot, wet, "wha?" means what (can be distinguished from wet because wet has the "t" sound), this (i.e. pointing to things and saying "this"). There are more. I'll add them when I remember.... :)

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Becky and the Boys said...

So cute! Tristan loves all the same things, though we haven't taught him sign language.