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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My year in status...

Well, half of it anyway. There's an app on facebook that will give you your status updates counting backwards (but not counting posts with pictures for some reason). Anyway, here's my result all the way back through the end of July.

My Year in Status
0. Snow on the ground... too bad no one in Portland can drive in the snow.... :P
1. Merry Christmas everyone!!
2. I think I will finally get the ornaments on the tree tomorrow. Better late than never....
3. Connor just snapped his high chair strap by himself and then giggled. When I undid it for him, he did it again. Five times in a row without my help! What a smartie-pants!
4. Made a \"santa\" gift for a SIL from a sherpa throw -- SO SOFT -- Connor fell in love with it - I think I have to get him one now.... :)
5. Well, Christmas Sunday....
6. I love choral numbers on Christmas day!
7. Food oisoning or the flu? Hard to tell.... poor li\'l guy. :(
8. Connor \"helped\" me hang the lights on the tree... More like: he thought we were playing chase around the tree, and then magically the lights came on! :) (It was no easy chase, either, since the tree was hugging the wall.) Love that kid!
9. Thankful that God answers prayers (even the small ones)
10. Anyone want to come babysit from 8:30 to midnight tonight? C\'s already in bed so you can just watch movies all night... :) call me.
11. 8 front teeth + two top molars = 10 teeth! No wonder he\'s been so sad lately....
12. Tis the season.... I\'m feelin\' it!
13. Jus saw the cutest little pillowcase dresses that are sent to Africa on \"Sewing with Nancy\". I\'d wear one! :)
14. Connor was SO excited to be home that we almost had an all night laugh party in our bed. I finally had to break it up and send everyone to bed. :)
15. Heading back to portland, on time this time. Though, I didn\'t do my \"homework\" over break, so I\'ll be behind when I get back. :(
16. Heading to ID (late). It\'s going to be slick....
17. Anyone else up at this crazy hour? I\'m addicted to BF.
18. Gobble gobble gobble!
19. Connor\'s having a hard week! Mean mommie decided to start time outs in the crib... (about time if you ask me, but too soon if you ask ron. Good thing we balance each other out!)
20. Happy birthday gma betty! You are loved and missed!
21. 12 hour road trip + 15 MO = 20 hour road trip. Or so I\'m guessing....
22. Mmmmmmm, hummus! Or should I just say \"hummmmmmmmmmmmus\" for short? :)
23. Can\'t it be Saturday again? :(
24. I have one sweet boy from five pregnancies. Even so, I feel blessed.
25. Praying for our armed forces today, and feeling a well of gratitude for them! Where would we be without them?
26. Three rooms shampooed, two more to go....
27. Hunger headaches suck!!!
28. I updated the blog with some pics from HOW. I changed the settings to automatically post here, too, but I don\'t remember if I did it right. I guess we\'ll see in the morning. :)
29. If I\'m wearing a bright orange shirt with textured \"stripes\" on it, does that count as a \"great pumpkin\" costume for me? :) too bad I don\'t have a green viney/leafy headdress to wear... HAPPY HALLOWEEN!
30. 2 rooms down, 3 to go. shampooing the carpet is easy, it\'s moving the furniture that\'s hard!
31. Connor said his first prayer today. It was so cute! I was snuggling him for bed, and said a prayer and ended with \"Amen!\" (kind of loud to emphasize). He popped his head up from my chest and said \"wizabevebe bevewena .... AAAHHH\". and then he looked at me, I said \"Amen!\" and he beamed from ear to ear. :) so CUTE!
32. Oregon Friends! Vote for Thomas Sliva for Soil and Water Director Zone 3! He is starting a viral campaign. He will hold government accountable for their dirt and water waste and make sure Big Water and Greedy Soil Corporations don\'t take away your land and water freedoms! Write in Thomas Sliva and return your ballot by Nov 2! (There is no current candidate, so Thom wants the job). Spread the word.
33. If I shampoo the carpets in the fall, is it still called spring cleaning?
34. connor\'s better today, but still running a temp without meds, and definitely not himself today.. *sigh*
35. poor connor has caught the stomache bug going around... fever of 100.4 and tummy aches all day! :( Dr mom has prescribed lots of rocking time and juice
36. Oregon has \'sunshine delays\' in rush hour... go figure!
37. nursing a migraine this morning... aaghh! someone turn out the lights!
38. Today Ron\'s brother blesses his baby -- Jared is borrowing Connor\'s suit. How fun to see it in action again! :)
39. Today\'s GC told us to be grateful. I am grateful for my husband even though we don\'t always agree...
40. C & I lasted all the way through SM and 1/2 way through SS before it got unbearable and we had to come home for Connor\'s nap. :(. Points for trying?
41. It\'s nice to have a chilly day, especially since it will warm up later. :)
42. What is the polite way to say to the guy in the cube next to mine, \"YOU EAT LIKE A HORSE!\" ???
43. Never thought i\'d have to say \"feet off the table\" to a one YO. It is his personal lounge chair....
44. I was going to have pot roast for dinner, but I am out of touch with my crock pot. Maybe I\'ll come back for a midnight snack....
45. \"Look at your status. Now back to mine. Now back to your status, now back to mine. Sadly, your status isn\'t mine. But if you stopped posting about other things & made this your status, yours could be like mine. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You\'re on Facebook, reading the status your status could be like! Anything is possible, when your Facebook status looks like this one. I\'m on a couch!\" Thanks, Mae! :)
46. Wishing I didn\'t eat ice cream for dinner.... :(
47. Dang cats woke me up at. 4am... :(
48. Connor has found one of those sproingy door stops, so guess what I\'m listening to?
49. I love my hubby.....
50. Days are getting shorter, fall must be here...
51. Ron: \"Connor, you need to chill out and be less grumpy\" Connor: \"NNNO!\" Ron: speechless...... Priceless. :)
52. Ok, ok, I have a great life. :)
53. When do I get my life back?
54. Did you know you can get a cloud burn? Well, in Oregon you can! (I just heard it on the radio so it must be true...)
55. I need a nap!
56. YAY! I am bottle and formula free at baby school!! Connor is doing great with the whole milk in a sippy cup. AWESOME!
57. Connor took a nap on the cots yesterday! He\'s getting so big! *sniff*
58. who picks the weekend of a heat wave to go to WA and help Ron with No A/C? Me, that\'s who. SO HOT!!!! Be careful up there Ron!
59. 23 lbs 10 oz (67%), 32\" long (98%), 46 cm head cir. Well, that\'s more of a status for Connor than me.:)
60. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNOR!!! My big little boy! :)
61. The big debate: Cut his hair before or after pictures?
62. it\'s official today. The LO has decided to return home. Until we meet again....
63. Work, work, work. It\'s such a small part of our dreams but such a large part of our day...........
64. * The good, the bad, and the ugly * The good news: Last week I found out I was ~ 8 weeks along! The bad news: This week I found out the baby is in distress. Heart rate was only 84 bpm and irregular, and the sac appeared to be collapsing. :( The ugly: my puffy eyes. :\'( Any prayers offered would be greatly appreciated.... I guess we\'ll just have to see what God has in store for this one.
65. Sitting at the dr office :(.
66. we met baby Jared yesterday. His tiny little legs are literally about the size of my thumb! Still no answers as to why he was born so small, but he sure was cute!
67. I\'m in trouble. Connor fell asleep before I could get him home and eat dinner. He didn\'t wake up when I brought him out of the car. He didn\'t wake up when I put him in his high chair or tried to shove a bottle in his mouth. Still asleep-- does that mean I\'m going to have a 2am wakeup call? :
68. I gave connor a spoon to play with as I got dinner ready. I turned around and he was scooping himself up some soft cat food. Apparently the spoon was an invitation....
69. I can\'t do it... I know it\'s his time, but I can\'t be the one to make the definitive call.
70. Kitty is now on pain medication and anti-nausea meds, so officially on hospice? The meds seem to be helping. Poor guy...
71. Someone on my cubicle row is wearing EXTREME cologne and giving me a headache. C\'mon, people! Didn\'t we go through this in jr. High? Ugh!
72. We had a fun music lesson on the xylaphone earlier today, then playtime and mamie\'s fab green chicken curry after nap. I\'m trying to get in as many naps as possible.... :)

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