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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween III

The night before Halloween, we went to the ward trunk or treat event. Since HOW was on a sunday, I didn't feel like we should go door to door for candy. Utah and Arizona still do it on Saturday, but Oregon sticks with tradition...

Here we are getting ready to get ready.

My friend Whitney saw from Facebook that I was going to the trunk or treat and wanted to come with. Her little guy Braxton is ~6 months older than Connor, so he had an instant trick-or-treat buddy. (In case you couldn't tell from the disguises, Connor is the giraffe on the left, and Braxton is Yoda on the right.)

Connor didn't quite get it. He wouldn't hold his bucket, since he didn't really know what candy was.... He never had any before! But once he tried a sucker, he got really excited!

He likes climbing, not really a good activity for a giraffe, but he makes it work.

I love my little cutie pie!

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Ashley said...

How cute! He is getting so big. He looks like a little boy. What a cutie!