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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know I have alot of blogging to catch up on, especially since I haven't written about Connor's 1st birthday yet, but I couldn't resist posting some pics from Hall-o-ween.

I only have a few for now, since Ron took the camera to WA with him, but hey! better some than none... I'll post more when he gets back.

Halloween started for us on Thursday. Ron's work party was Thursday Night, and since Ron was still working, It was up to me to get the monster home, fed, changed and back to Ronler Acres before it ended. (I picked him up from baby school at 5:30, so that didn't leave much time).

Connor's favorite game right now is "run away". He plays it by running away from me whenever I move toward him. He runs and runs until he hits a dead end or has turned a corner. Then he peeks around, laughs hysterically and runs back. I do have video to share, but it is on the "other" camera. (I'll post it later). It's so fun, though, because he thinks it is SO funny! Like he's the first kid who ever thought of it. LOL. I have a few stills to show. We can play this game for hours....

"Quick, mom's trying to catch me. RUN AWAY!"

Peeking around the corner, "Is it safe to come back?"

"OK, I won! I can come back now. SO FUNNY!"

Time to go again!"

"And now I'm back"

"Quick! Back to the room!"

"I'm so good at this game"

I finally grabbed him so I could put his costume on for the party. This giraffe got a lot of mileage this year. (I'll blog in my next post when I have pictures to share). Here's a few at home before our first party.

Cute little tail...

What a fun Giraffe! :)

Halloween itself was on a Sunday this year. We had done a bunch of candy/party stuff already, so Sunday we just spent carving our Gi-nor-mous pumpkin that we got from the pumpkin patch. (BTW, I also have to blog about that, still... *sigh*. Never enough time).

Connor decided he had a better idea for the bowl that was meant to contain the innards of the pumpkin...

"Hmm, I know what shape this is..."

"The question is, does it fit?"

"Why, yes, indeed it does!"

He walked around like that for a while, until we needed the bowl. I tried to get him involved with the process, but he doesn't like slimy, or sticky, or gooey, or messy at all... not a fan. (can you see it in his face? :)

Ron and I took turns. Apparently he has never carved a pumpkin. What?? I never thought I would meet a more deprived child than me... but there he is. :)

The finished product:

Connor doesn't like Mr. Lantern. maybe next year. :)


Ashley said...

I can't believe how old Connor is looking! What a cutie in his Giraffe costume. We had a Giraffe costume for Oliver that we wanted to use but it was too small. I can't believe how big that pumpkin is! How fun!

Mamie Coffey said...
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