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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Donna Elizabeth (Black) Schultz: Nov 19, 1924 - July 5, 2010

Today was Grandma Betty's funeral. I flew out without Ron or Connor because it was *so* expensive at the last minute... ($600 pp RT). She was (and still is) a very sweet and loving grandma who always had a joke and a smile. My heart is full of happy and sad, and my mind is a jumbled mess. I wanted to get some thoughts out now, and then update with more details later. So, here goes....

Things I remember about her:

bath bubbles
easter egg hunts
Mississippi Mud (& Ray's birthday)
Monster cookies
Money fairies for cleaning the house
calling every son's name twice, except the one she was talking to
swimming in her pool (wherever she was)
hands going to sleep
wiping the crome sparkly clean with a dry cloth, and whistling without knowing it.
rubbing your leg, back, hair or arms while seated next to you, doing whatever
Birthday shopping
crossword puzzles
The post office man on New Years' Eve with as many noses as days of the year
tutti frutti ice cream
Shorthand at blessings
Red and gold couches with tassles
Christmas trees with tinsel on them
Living with her after Bethaney was born
Visiting us in Indiana in that camper van.
Meagan and I visiting Grandma and Grandpa in the Senior MTC when they went on their missions. Seniors had a lot more leniency that way... We were in Provo going to school.
She travelled from AZ to OR to see me get married. What a sweetheart!!! and then came to the UT reception as well.
She was so good to Connie after Connie's stroke, stayed with her and helped her to recouperate.
Playing rummy or gin rummy -- my last memory of her was after her first stroke. She still beat me!
Dressing her after death
watching her in the coffin and pondering how different she looked without her spirit, the Light of Christ.

I love her, I miss her, I know she is happy. We will meet again and have a glorious reunion!

"Don't be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened".
-Dr. Seuss (I think)

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