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Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun Times!

It's always hard to sleep when Ron is out of town. He's up in Washington (state), frantically trying to get the place winterized before his life is turned upside down in August. I hope he really means it when he says he's planning to stay in town when the baby comes... In any case, I thought I would catch up on some posting.

My parents came to town to visit, mostly because Meagan & Micah bought them a cruise to Alaska for Christmas this year, so while they were in the neighborhood, they visited Wendel & Ashley, and they visited us. I had heard all about the fabulous time they had whale-watching with Wendel and Ashley, and of course the cruise -- who doesn't love that? My dad was worried he'd be bored stiff, but it's actually the first time in my life that I've seen him take a step back and enjoy himself. amazing. Anyway, I didn't want to disappoint them, so I planned a few things myself. When they came in Friday night, June 6, our ward had a chili cookoff. (Yeah, I know it's wierd to have in June, but that's when it was). It was actually a fabulous activity, with kids' games, a dessert auction, hay bales, line dancing, and tons of cute decorations, like a jail that you could lock people in if they misbehaved. We also had a soda fountain -- so cute -- and a cupcake walk in the R.S. room for the kids (in addition to the games). and, of course, the chili, with subsequent judging. My mom took tons of pictures, but I didn't... so I'll have to rely on her to post them... Anyway, since I'm on the activities committee, we stayed late to help clean up. Meaning, we didn't get up the next morning until later in the day.

The next day, I wanted to go tour the navy boats that were docked on the Willamette. (They only had ships open for viewing in four cities this year -- partly because of security and partly because of deployment, I guess). After waiting in line for an hour, and only being halfway through, we decided to bag it, and headed to see the floats from the Grand Floral Parade. They always display them after the parade, so all can view them at their leisure. (without little kids, it's no fun to sit through a parade, so we were going to skip to the best part... ). of course, I didn't know where to find them, it would be a wild goose chase. however, as we were leaving the line to see the navy ships, there was a police escort that was stopping all foot traffic across the street, and our car was just across the street. So we'd have to wait. Then, we realized that the foot traffic stopped to allow all of the floats to drive by, on their way to being displayed. How amazing was that! talk about being at the right place at the right time! They didn't have people on them when we saw them, but the flowers were amazing! and we were so close (on the curb), like 10 ft away! So cool. Of course, I was rummaging around for my camera -- which I discovered later I had left in the car -- and so missed a few of them and didn't get pictures, but I downloaded pictures from the web anyway. You get the idea. There were 15 floats.

I'm going to finish the rest another day, since it's very late....

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