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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

baby shower!!!!


Is one of my very good friends. (Karina and me above). She has been so excited for me since she found out we were expecting. She has been there to support me every step of the way. She hooked me up with a couple of seasonal consignment sales where I got alot of the big stuff for a really good deal. She also hooked me up with some of her old baby stuff (and some of her friends old baby stuff) so I am READY (almost). :) Immediately upon finding out about the pregnancy, she called dibs on throwing a shower for me, and this past weekend the long-awaited event arrived. (Baby shower, that is). It happened to fall on my birthday, which is also my anniversary (Ron & I have been married seven years now! I'm not telling how old I am...). It was such a great party! (Thankyou Karina!!)

Many people have been asking for a profile of the belly, so here it is, all 8 months of gestation:

Yes, that is all tummy, and as you can see, I'm also wearing my "mom-to-be" badge of honor. :) He is going to be a very big baby.... (We'll estimate size again this coming Monday to see how big he's getting. )

Karina got this adorable cake from Costco. We all love Costco; the only down side is the HUGE portions. Which is good if you're stocking up your food supply, but I don't think I've ever been to an occasion where we've eaten the whole cake from Costco. (This time, we ate half. The other half I took to work and shared with everyone there. They definitely appreciated it.)

And, Karina had lots of yummy food. She asked me what I wanted and I said, "just fruit". I think all of the other guests were glad that she supplemented with other yummy treats besides just fruit.

I had so many friends there, it was really fun to celebrate with everyone. Below, going clockwise, is Karina, Julie (helping out!), Ashley, and Karen.

Below: Denice and Monica (sisters!) with Karen in the background.

Below: Megan and Maggie (Sisters!)

L-R: Becky, Amy, me. We were roommates back in the single days, and have lots of pictures that look like this, so I wanted an updated one. :)

Robin and Amy prepping for the gift Bingo game. (Amy also has her timer out because she was timing the diaper game... see below).

Karina had us play this fun game where you have to diaper the baby with your eyes closed. Those who were already moms and had practice had to do it with one hand. Those without children could use two hands. Elizabeth (below) was a very serious contender. :)

Julie had a few more troubles. She actually wrapped the baby's head in the diaper instead of the other way around.... :)

Roxanne wanted to try one-handed because she has lots of nieces and nephews and has had lots of practice!

After everyone tried, the winner was Ashley! Of course, she had the benefit of two hands...

The gifts were really great, too. I have lots of thank you's to send out which I will hopefully do in the next week. I was so happy to share the day with so many friends.

When we got home from the shower, the family all had cheesecake and went out to a movie for our birthdays. Ashley's birthday (My sister-in-law) is July 16, Paul's birthday (Ron's dad) is July 17, and my birthday is July 18. What a great coincidence that we were all there! Unfortunately Aaron (Ron's brother) and Megan (his wife) couldn't go due to no babysitter... Someday that will be a problem for me and Ron as well. We went to see Harry Potter, of course. Except Wendel and Ashley because Wendel wanted to see the transformers movie. (I personally have no desire to see that one...)

What a perfect, fun day!

"A baby is a blank cheque made payable to the human race."
-Barbara Christine Seifert


Ashley said...

It was fun to see the pictures from your shower. That was a really fun day! I'm glad I could be there.

PS Transformers is not worth seeing in my opinion. I liked the first one but this one was so bad, I almost walked out and waited in the car. :(

Becky and the Boys said...

What fun!

BC Thompson Family said...

Looks like a great sorry we missed but we cant wait to come for the baby blessing and meet your little man. You look great by the way. So are you all set for the baby now? Congrats you are almost there now!

Ronna said...

Oh I am so sad that I missed out on all the fun. It looks like you guys had a great time. You look so happy and full of that pregnancy glow. I can't wait to meet the new Edwards boy. I wonder who he will look like. Congrats on your anniversary and also, Happy Belated Birthday.

imbritney said...

Thanks for the well-wishes! We are ALMOST ready for the little guy. I have a few things to straighten around and get cleaned up. Luckily I'll have two weeks maternity leave before he comes. (assuming he doesn't come early)

mrs s said...

so FUN to see these pictures of the big day! thanks for posting them brit. the only downside is that i couldn't be there :( but we look forward to meeting your newest addition to the family later this year! your prego belly is sooo cute--loved seeing that! how much does he weigh now? everytime i hear the update, it makes me more nervous! you look great and happy! congrats to you both!

Lindabee said...

Brit..this is the second time I went to your web-page...just loved seeing the photos of you and your shower. mOnce again I was sad I couldn't go. Will see you and baby soon at the ennd of august...Love mommee