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Friday, October 10, 2008

I found it!

I didn't find the picture, but the negative happened to be in "the box", so I scanned it in! I think meag and I have been looking for this picture for quite a while now.

See if you see a similarity between me and meagan and Ron and JR...

Me and Meagan:

Ron and JR:

It's pretty funny how many "similar" pictures Ron and I have from our childhood. (I'll have to post them sometime). We must be soul mates! :)

And, Finally, some more fun Schultz family pictures to enjoy:
The ruffians that we are (AKA showing our true colors):

Wow! mom has some nice ... cantaloupe! :)

"When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses."
-Joyce Brothers


mrs s said...

yee-haw! i'm so happy you found that picture. this summer, i took one of abby and sophia that is so reminiscent of this picture. mamie pointed the girls out on the stairs--abby was in "think time" and sophia went to comfort her. i'll have to post it; it's pretty cute.

when you look closely, mom & dad look SO young in the "ruffians" picture. mom was younger at that time than her four oldest children are now. i think she was around 28 or 29 when she had wendel.

by the way, mamie is clinging to mom in a similar way that avery tends to cling to me! she is such a mama's girl :)

cute, cute, cute-ness!

Mamie Coffey said...

I love those pictures- the "gilbert farmers", meag & brit in all their glory- and mom looking so much like Gma burnham!! fun stuff!

Becky and the Boys said...

Fun pictures! Maybe if I throw all our pictures in a box the boys will come and take them away so I don't have to worry about them, ha ha.