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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catching up on Christmas -- The Plan

There are a number of side effects of pregnancy that don't necessarily disappear after you've delivered. For instance, my feet grew a whole size and are not shrinking back - ever; my hands still go numb, which I thought was a symptom of my pre-eclampsia but now may have developed into carpal tunnel; and, I am crazy! My mind started going in the first part of the second trimester and has continually degraded ever since. How else could you explain my desire - nay, my NEED - to go visit both families over Christmas? One side lives (mostly) in Arizona where it's nice and warm with palm trees and sun shine. The other side lives (mostly) in Idaho where it's freezing most of the year, lots of snow, and very little sunshine. Packing for both climates was a nightmare! Both are far enough away from each other that driving was not desired, so that means airplanes! With a 4 month old infant! in cold/flu season! carrying presents there and back to both places... Luckily I had the wherewithal to make it a 3-legged trip instead of two round-trip flights. Made it easier, but was still complicated.

In the end, I'm glad we did it. It was so good to see family! We were hoping to see grandparents on both sides to introduce them to Connor, and we did for the most part. (Pictures below). I forgot to get pictures on the plane, which really bumbs me out, but it was probably because Connor spent most of the time puking on us. He was really sick through the whole trip. :( Don't worry, though, I have a constant reminder of the plane ride since Connor, at one point, threw up in my purse. (Ron was able to wash off his crusties at the end of the day.) Someday soon I'm hoping to get a new purse. (purse shopping is surprisingly hard -- it feels like such a big decision :P).

This is a picture with my maternal grandmother, Rose Pratt Burnham (descended through Parley P.) at her house. She just turned 95! (Birthday Nov 29, 1914). She is surprisingly mobile and lucid for her age. It's not surprising, though, because she has spent her whole life eating whole foods and working hard. She has been in the process of decluttering lately, and so gave me a ceramic piggy bank which she had made back in 1978, and I had remembered it because the rest of the cousins made one for a family reunion in ~1980. I'm not sure what happened to my pig. Maybe my mom still has it? Mamie saw the one gma gave me and said she still had hers. I'm sure there's a few more out there.

L-R: Britney, Connor, Rose (grandma), Linda (mom)

My paternal grandmother (Betty Black Schultz) was sadly in the hospital through Christmas. She was originally admitted for pnemonia, and then through the course of monitoring her, the doctors determined she badly needed a pacemaker to keep her heart beating regularly. Before they could do the surgery, she had a stroke on the day before Christmas Eve. Luckily she was in the hospital so they could intervene and it was a mild one. They decided to do the pacemaker surgery anyway, and she is currently going through rehab. People say she is doing much better. My grandpa Jack is turning 84 this month (Jan 19, 1926), and grandma Betty turned 85 in November (Nov 23, 1924).

L-R: Fred (dad), Jack (grandpa), Ron, Britney, Connor, Betty (grandma)

Ron's paternal grandfather is now living with Paul and Karen (Ron's parents). He was able to come up to Christi's to join the festivities while we were there -- it was really good to see him and get to know him. Ron says he has mellowed out quite a bit in his old age (don't we all?). Otis will turn 90 this month, he was born Jan 22, 1920. I wanted a "4 Generation" Shot with Ron and the boys, so here it is.

Clockwise, starting from left: Otis (grandpa), Ron, Paul (dad), Connor

Unfortunately Ron's maternal grandfather wasn't there and didn't get to meet Connor. Maybe we'll take a trip to Texas this year so John Brown can meet him. Then we can see Ron's aunt Debbie's family and my sister Meagan's family while we're out there.

I'll continue the rest of the trip in separate posts. So, stayed tuned. If you want. :)

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Lindabee said...

My mom just kept saying what a handsome adorabloe baby he is. And he really shmoozed her. What a baby!