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Sunday, June 28, 2009

It's a Boy!

I think most of you already know that it's a boy by now, but I'm catching up on my blogging!! Work has kept me pretty isolated for the last few months. Now, i'm only two months away from delivery and I'm nowhere near ready... But, at least I can post some cute ultrasound pictures for all to see. I picked the best from each visit and they are way cute! A few of the ultrasounds the technician didn't give me any pictures to take home... what a jip! So here are the ones I do have:

Week 6: He looks a little like the Michelin Man here. :) It was so GREAT to hear his heartbeat so strong! My previous pregnancies didn't last much longer than this, so I was extremely anxious at the time.

Week 9: He was already moving around alot by this time. There was a point where he stuck out his arm and waved it at us. The nurse caught the last little bit, so you can see his arm poking out. It's way more amazing when you're watching it on the monitor, but still, oh, so cute!

Week 18: Yeah, this seems like a jump, but there was a transition from the specialist to a regular OBGYN, and there were a couple of ultrasounds in between where there was no picture printed. (and there was the cutest little footprint during one of them!). Something about the technician not being certified on the machine... whatever. But, at the 18 week ultrasound, we discovered the gender of the baby!!! (IT'S A BOY!). We're so excited! I thought about posting the tell-tale picture here, but I thought that would be a bit too much... take my word for it, there's no mistaking! :) And, no, we still don't have his name picked out, but we're getting closer!

Week 24: We don't have pictures from this one either (I think the tech was new). But, the tech did a preliminary weight estimate (from measuring the head and belly), and he was estimated at 1 lb, 1 oz, which is in the 49th percentile. Ron was so funny after the appointment -- I told him just to drop me off at work, and he insisted that we go eat something. "Obviously, you're not feeding my kid enough if he's only 49th percentile." :) I love Ron.

Week 28: OK, he got remeasured and now, all of a sudden, at 6.5 months, he weighs approx. 3.5 lbs, which is HUGE! No, I didn't change my eating patterns one little bit. But, he's now in the 86th percentile! My OB looked very nervous when she read over that report. So, I'll get two more ultrasounds by the time it's done! :) One on this Tuesday, and one in ~4 weeks. She wants to monitor to make sure he doesn't get too big... Early delivery? :)

This first picture was adorable!! He was making kissy faces at us through the whole thing. Luckily Suzanne (my favorite technician at the clinic) was able to catch one. If you tilt your head to the left, you can see his belly at the bottom, then his pursed lips going up from there, and then his nose on top of that, and his little arms are at his side. You can't really see his eyes (they're in the shadows), because the focal length of the ultrasound doesn't give a very large depth of field... But I'm so glad we got this picture!

This next picture is a portrait! He looked right at us, like he knew what we were doing. So, what do you think? Does he look like me? :) I hope he's handsome like Ron!

When I get more pictures, I'll be sure and post them much sooner this time. Hopefully I'll soon have the nursery ready and then I can post pictures of that. :)

"A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities."
-- Eda J. Le Shan


Ashley said...

How exciting! It was fun to look at the pictures. I'm looking forward to your shower.

Bethaney said...

congratulations Brit! I'm soooo excted for you and Ron! I'm glad that you and the baby are healthy and well!

Christi said...

No worries Britney it is an Edwards thing to have huge kids...Hunter was in the 95% when we were 30 weeks and guess what that made them want to induce early which let me tell you made me extremely happy!